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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is rapidly advancing onto the world stage as a medicine that has endured through time and history to assuage the ills of humankind and assist in the prevention of further diseases and imbalances of health.

Chinese herbal medicine is notable for its sophistication in addressing clinical concerns while remedying an individual’s particular needs. Thousands of years old, the herbal medicine tradition remains a vibrant player in today’s health field.


16. What attention should be paid to some common names of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a long history of discovering plants which can be used for medical purposes.


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(17) Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Exterior syndrome? How should one treat Exterior syndrome?

The term Exterior syndrome indicates, in a broad sense, which the pathogenic change is in the superficial layer of the body.


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(18) Chinese Herbal Medicine

What precautions should be observed in the usage of herbs that release the Exterior?

First of all, since herbs that release the Exterior are pungent and their tendencies of action are ascending and dispersing, especially with the herbs that can cause sweating, overdose may disperse the Qi too much, consume the Yin of the body and cause other complications. In patients who are deficient in Yin or Qi owing to their constitution, chronic disease, stress or dietary habit, these herbs should be used with caution.


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(19) Chinese Herbal Medicine

Ma Huang (Ephedrae herba) and Gui Zhi (Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus) can both expel Wind-Cold to treat Exterior Wind-Cold syndrome. What are the differences between their actions and characteristics? What are the cautions regarding their use?


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(20) Chinese Herbal Medicine


Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine


What are the differences between the actions of Ma Huang (Ephedrae herba), Zhi Ma Huang (honey-roasted Ephedrae herba) and Ma Huang Gen (Ephedrae radix)?

Ma Huang is also called Sheng Ma Huang. ‘Sheng’ means ‘raw’. Sheng Ma Huang is very pungent and warm.


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