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How an asthma attack occurs

Learning about asthma


First Aid for Choking & Drowning Victims & Sufferers of Asthma Attacks

(With the Victim Standing or Sitting)

1. Stand behind the victim and wrap your arms firmly around their upper waist.

2. Place the thumb side of your fist strongly against the victim’s abdomen, slightly above the navel and below the rib cage.

3. Grasp your fist with your other hand and press your fist into the abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Repeat until food/water is expelled. Do this more gently for asthma attacks.

4. If the victim is sitting, stand behind their chair and perform the Maneuver in the same manner.

5. After the victim has been revived and saved, have them see doctor. Note: If you start to choke when alone and help is not available, then an attempt should be made to self-administer this Maneuver.

Save a Drowning victim with the HEIMLICH MANEUVER. You can’t get air into lungs until you get water out!

First Aid when Victim has Collapsed & Can’t be Lifted, Follow This Procedure:

1. Lay the victim on their back.

2. Face the victim and kneel astride the victim’s hips and thighs.

3. With one hand on top of another, place heel of bottom hand on the abdomen slightly above navel and below the rib cage.

4. Press into the victim’s abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Repeat as often as necessary.

5. Should victim vomit, (some do), quickly tilt head to side and wipe out vomit from mouth to prevent blocking of throat airway. (Use airway tube if necessary – keep one in first aid kit.)

6. After food, water, etc. is out, it’s best a doctor check the victim.

 Everyone should know the versatile Heimlich Maneuver, for it is life-saving.

    Dr. Henry Heimlich • Heimlich Institute, Cincinnati, OH (Website:

 Heimlich Maneuver Jumpstarts Lungs and Heart

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich with Patricia Bragg in Honolulu

Pioneer Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, in 1974, developed this technique for choking victims and it has since saved thousands of lives worldwide. Recent evidence shows the Heimlich Maneuver restores breathing in more emergency situations than just choking. The Heimlich Maneuver is also handy for jump-starting the heart in heart attack victims (see; then continue with mouth-to-mouth CPR until emergency help arrives.

Heimlich Maneuver Stops Asthma Attacks

More cases are now documenting the effectiveness of the Heimlich Maneuver in stopping asthma attacks. As Dr. Heimlich explains, “We started receiving reports from people who had suffered severe, almost deadly asthma attacks. The people who were with them didn’t have any idea what to do. And off the top of their heads, they used the Heimlich Maneuver. They just tried it,” he says, “and immediately, instantly a miracle happened, the asthma attack stopped.”

When the diaphragm of an asthma attack victim is pushed up with the Heimlich Maneuver (whether self-applied or not), the lungs become compressed. When this happens, the trapped air is forcibly expelled and the air flow carries away the mucus plugs that started the attack. After the Maneuver, the airway is cleared and the asthma attack ends. Please share this info with asthma sufferers.

When the Maneuver is performed on asthmatics, do it gently, because you are expelling mucus and trapped air – not a stuck food object or lungs full of water. There’s good evidence this maneuver can also prevent an asthma attack from occurring. Studies show applying the procedure on a regular basis helps keep the lungs free of the mucus that can plug up the airway and bring on an asthma attack. Also avoid mucus forming dairy products.



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