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List Of Food That Lower Cholesterol



Free Radicals Are Cancer Producers

Most risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as high blood pressure or smoking, create free radicals that prevent the inner walls of blood vessels from producing nitric oxide. This is necessary for proper blood vessel expansion and contraction. A free radical is an unstable molecule, which reacts with other molecules in destructive ways! An excess of free radicals causes premature ageing and serious medical conditions, depending on which tissues are being attacked. The free radicals may attack DNA (your genetic inheritance) causing cancer or even birth defects; in the pancreas they can cause diabetes; if in the eye they can cause cataracts, and in the blood and blood vessels they can cause cardiovascular disease.


Don’t be a passive victim of destructive free radicals! Take heart; avoid the unhealthy foods. Living Healthy Lifestyle helps arrest free radicals and ageing, and earns you a healthier heart and body for enjoying a longer, healthier life! Faithfully guard and protect your precious body and health!

Play it Safe – Know Your Cholesterol Levels

There are many simple home cholesterol tests now widely available. These FDA approved tests are over 97% accurate and require only a finger prick. The test kit cost is between $10 to $20, and available in most drug stores.

When you have a complete cholesterol panel ask your doctor for a copy of your HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels. These readings determine your main risk factors for heart disease. HDL good cholesterol helps protect you from a heart attack. You can help raise your good HDL by eating healthy foods, exercising and losing any excess weight and quitting smoking. An HDL less than 35 mg-dl puts you at a health risk. The LDL or bad cholesterol should not exceed 130 mg-dl. To lower undesirable LDL levels, seek a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-saturated fat diet. Triglyceride levels over 200 mg-dl, are dangerous and associated with obesity, sweets, fats and alcohol intake.

The American Heart Association recommends the following guidelines to a healthier heart:

Consume less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Consume 30% or less calories from fat.

Consume 10% or less saturated fat calories from.

If you want to keep your daily cholesterol count, you may purchase a fat gram counter which counts cholesterol, total fat and saturated fat in foods. We personally don’t count calories, fat grams, etc. We live our Healthy Lifestyle and it keeps us healthy. But while you are learning this healthy lifestyle you can count grams if you have the time. Be aware that cholesterol can accumulate in the skin and tendons, as well as the arteries, to form small flat yellow plaques and lumps called xanthoma. The plaques found on the eyelids produce a condition called xanthelasma. Follow these golden rules for maintaining safe cholesterol levels: eat only healthy, natural foods; get plenty of exercise; breathe deeply and fully; drink 8 glasses of pure distilled water daily; and get 8 good hours of sleep nightly. Those of you who are at any high risk of cardiovascular problems – caution, please take extra care to be aware of your current blood cholesterol levels.

Experts State “120 to 180” Cholesterol Best

Top medical scientists and researchers agree that a person’s blood cholesterol level should not be over 180. Here are some professional opinions:

• “150 to 180,” according to Dr. W. D. Wright of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

• “170,” was the opinion of Dr. A. G. Shaper of the Makerer College Medical School in Uganda.

• “180 as a maximum,” stated Dr. Bernard Amsterdam in the New York State Journal of Medicine.

• “150,” according to famous Dr. Louis H. Nahum of the Yale School of Medicine.

• “120 to 180,” is optimal normal range stated Dr. William Dock, Professor of Medicine, State University of New York.

Fasting – Quickest Way to Lower Cholesterol

In our opinion, fasting is the quickest, easiest, and fastest method of lowering the cholesterol level. We check our blood cholesterol twice a year. If it tops 180, we fast from 3 to 7 days and it soon drops below 150. Fasting is an easy way to give the heart and cardiovascular pipes a good cleansing. That’s why faithfully each week we fast for a 24-hour period on 5 to 7 glasses of distilled (purified) water and also three Bragg vinegar drinks.

Cholesterol and Your Lifespan

One thing that will unquestionably shorten the lifespan is a body that is overburdened with blood fat, an excess of cholesterol. To reiterate: some cholesterol is important to our body processes. The body even manufactures it as extra fuel in emergencies. Chole means bile and sterol means fatty. Much of the fat we eat is broken down by the liver into cholesterol and excreted into the bile, later to be re-absorbed into the bloodstream for distribution to our tissues.

How Much Fat Are You Stowing Away?

Too many people today eat a diet overloaded with the high cholesterol content of saturated (hard) animal fats. When these people increase the burden on their bodies by not exercising enough to burn up even the normal - much less the excess - amount of cholesterol as fuel, their bloodstreams become choked. Waxy cholesterol particles lodge in the arterial walls and clog them. These chunks of waxy cholesterol can eventually block an artery and cause heart failure, stroke or death!

It has been clinically established that the amount of cholesterol deposited on the walls of the arteries has a direct relationship to the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Thus you can see how clogged the arteries must be when the blood cholesterol level rises to 270, 320, 380 and even higher! Yet these excessive levels are not uncommon today, especially in American men.

Deadly Killer – Artery Clogging Cholesterol

Remember that the amount of cholesterol in your blood tells you of the risk you are running of developing a coronary ailment or having a heart attack. It is the barometer of your life-span. It is very wise, therefore, for every adult to see to it that they do not raise their blood cholesterol above a safe, normal level.

Most people know little or care nothing about their cholesterol levels. They merrily go on using large quantities of butter on their bread, toast, potatoes, and vegetables. They drink great quantities of milk and gobble gallons of ice cream and meat, fish, poultry, eggs, chips, French fries, doughnuts, bacon, ham and sausage

– All fill their bloodstreams with excess fat! Little do they realize their high levels of cholesterol are leading them to disaster, and that they may be literally eating themselves to death! Millions of people consume as many as 4 or 5 cups of saturated fats daily. Then they wonder why they end up with a heart attack, stroke, or some other form of heart trouble - its clogged arteries!



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