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Healthy Eating and Nutrition Fun Video for Kids



Remember, organic live foods make live people. You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do. So eat a low-fat, low-sugar, high-fiber diet of organic whole grains, sprouts, fresh salads, organic greens, vegetables, fruits, raw seeds, nuts, fresh juices and chemical-free, purified or distilled water.


Earn your food with daily exercise, for regular exercise, walking, etc. improves your health, stamina, go-power, flexibility, and endurance, and helps open the cardiovascular system. Only 45 minutes a day truly can do miracles for your heart, arteries, mind, nerves, soul, and body! You become revitalized with new zest for living to accomplish your life goals!


We are made of tubes. To help keep them open, clean and to maintain good elimination, add 1 to 2 tbsps of psyllium husk powder daily - hour after dinner - to juices, herbal teas and even the Bragg Vinegar Drink. Another way to guard against clogged tubes daily is add 1 to 2 tbsps soy lecithin granules (fat emulsifier-melts like butter) over potatoes, veggies, soups and to juices, etc. Also take one cayenne capsule (40,000 HU) daily with a meal. Take 50 to 100 mgs regular-released niacin (B-3) with one meal daily to help cleanse and open the cardiovascular system, also improves memory. Skin flushing may occur; don’t worry about this as it shows its working! After cholesterol level reaches 180 or lower, then only take niacin twice weekly.


The heart needs healthy balanced nutrients, so take natural multivitamin-mineral food supplements, Omega 3 & extra heart helpers  - mixed vitamin E, C, CoQ10, magnesium orotate, MSM, selenium, zinc, beta carotene & amino acids L-Carnitine, L-Taurine, L-Lysine & Proline. Folic acid, CoQ10, B6 & B12 helps keep homocysteine level low. Hawthorn Berry extract brings relief for palpitations, arrhythmia, senile hearts and coronary disease. Take bromelain (from pineapple) and a multi-digestive enzyme with meals – aids digestion, assimilation, and elimination.


For sleep problems try 5-HTP tryptophan (an amino acid), melatonin, and calcium, and magnesium, valerian in caps, extract or tea, Bragg vinegar drink, sleepy time herbal tea. For arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain/stiffness, try aloe juice or gel, glucosamine & chondroitin & MSM combo (caps & rollon), helps heal & regenerate. Also capsaicin & DMSO lotion helps.


Use amazing antioxidants - natural vitamin mixed E, C, Quercetin, grape seed and grapefruit extract, CoQ10, selenium, SOD, etc. They improve immune system and help flush out dangerous free radicals that cause havoc with cardiovascular pipes and health. Research shows antioxidants promote longevity, slows ageing, fights toxins, and helps prevent disease, cancer, cataracts, jet lag and exhaustion.


·        Recommended Blood Chemistry Values


·        Homocysteine: 6 - 8m cm /L


       Total Cholesterol: Children; 140 mg/dl or less


       CRP (C-reactive protein high sensitivity): lower than 1 mg/L low risk, 1-3 mg/L average risk, over 3 mg/L high risk


       Total Cholesterol: Adults; 180 mg/dl or less; 150 mg/dl is optimal


       HDL Cholesterol: Men; 50 mg/dl or more; Women; 65 mg/dl or more


       HDL Cholesterol Ratio: 3.2 or less • Triglycerides: 100 mg/dl or less


       LDL Cholesterol: 100 mg/dl or less is optimal • Glucose: 80-100 mg/dl


Most healthful lifestyle habits are free (good posture, clean thoughts, plain natural food, exercise and deep breathing that promotes energy and health in the body).


To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis for all social virtues. We can no longer be as useful when not well.


Dr. Samuel Johnson, Father of Dictionaries


To maintain good health, normal weight and increase the good life of radiant health, joy and happiness, the body must be exercised properly (stretching, walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, deep breathing, good posture, etc.) and nourished wisely with natural foods.


 Paul C. Bragg


Living in harmony with the universe is living totally alive, full of vitality, health, joy, power, love, and abundance on every level.


 Shakti Gawain




The best way of determining your individual risk of coronary heart disease is by having a simple blood chemistry profile on a single sample of your blood. This profile should consist of five very important test values: Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Glucose. These tests have helped save millions of lives by alerting physicians and patients to potential health hazards in time to prevent them from occurring, by making lifestyle changes.


Many leading medical authorities state that all Americans, beginning in their teenage years, should know their blood cholesterol levels, as well as other blood values associated with heart disease! Many pediatricians say from the age of 2 on, children should have their cholesterol monitored once a year by a finger prick test. By identifying heart disease risk factors we can discover problems early and prevent them from developing into costly heart disease in years to come.


There has been much controversy over the past several years as to what the “normal” vs. “ideal” blood test values should be, especially in regards to cholesterol levels. Listed inside the front cover is what we consider the ideal values for the prevention of heart disease.




Cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) problems constitute the #1 Killer in the civilized world today. Yet these deadly problems can be prevented and controlled! Millions of our health students around the world have developed strong hearts from weak hearts. Diet of Natural Foods for all our lives - No salt, no refined white sugar or flour, no artificial additives or poisonous preservatives, no debilitating drinks, only natural “live” foods, fresh organic fruits and vegetables and their juices and distilled water combined with a Program of Healthful Exercise, Fasting, Relaxation and Revitalizing Sleep.


• Read, plan, plot, and follow through for supreme health and longevity.


• Underline, highlight, or dog-ear pages as you read important passages.


• Organizing your lifestyle helps you identify what's important in your life.


• Be faithful to your health goals everyday for a healthy, long, happy life.


• Where space allows we have included “words of wisdom” from great minds to motivate and inspire you.




Having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience. – Luke 8:15


  From Degeneration to Rejuvenation

When I was just a lad I saved a man from drowning. As it turns out this man was very rich and to reward me for saving his life he gave me a scholarship to military school. My parents were very eager for me to attend, so at the tender age of 12, I was enrolled in a large military school in the south (with a high fat, sugar diet). It was at this school that I came down with tuberculosis. I spent time in large sanatoriums, where death sentences were pronounced upon me. There seemed no hope for survival.

But where there is life (and you are still breathing) there is always hope! I was miraculously inspired by a Swiss exchange nurse at the last sanitarium to go to a famous sanitarium in the Alps of Switzerland. It was there that the renowned Dr. Rollier, who was called the “air, water, sunshine, exercise and good nutrition” doctor, used natural methods of healing to restore my sick body to buoyant, radiant health. Soon I had rebuilt my body and started climbing toward health, strength, and energy!


Another important event in my life happened at this time: I made good my pledge to God at 16, that if I got my health back I would devote my life to helping others find the treasure I had found . . . Priceless, Radiant Health! Yes, that was the channel into which I wanted to direct this wonderful new energy and vitality I’d found. So many persons are forever searching blindly for “the light” – seeking health and fitness. Because I had found the miraculous formula of Natural Living, I now desired to pass on this great message to others so that they would emerge from the darkness of sickness into the crystal clear light and brilliance of Super-Health!


For decades my daughter Patricia and I have been researching longevity and natural healing methods. We have brought this message to millions worldwide. The Crusade files are filled with remarkable testimonials of what these natural methods will do to rebuild the heart and body. We now lay before you The Healthy Heart Lifestyle based on natural laws and it can do for you what it has done for us and others!


You’re a Miracle – Self-Cleansing, Self-Repairing, Self-Healing – Please become aware of “YOU” and be thankful for all your blessings that take place daily!





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