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(2) Heart Smiling

The top 10 causes of death


Десять ведущих причин смерти

أهمّ الأسباب العشرة المؤدية إلى الوفاة

Principales causes de décès dans le monde

Las 10 causas principales de defunción

Heart Anatomy



Your Precious Body and the Body’s Miraculous Life Pump – Your Heart

Suppose a magician suddenly appeared before you and promised you a marvelous machine which could run itself, direct itself, repair it, perform remarkable mental and physical feats . . . and would last for about 120 years and maybe more. Would you treasure such a machine?


Of course you would! You would keep it in top condition in order to obtain a maximum of service. Every day you would be astonished anew by the performance of this miracle-machine!

True, this is an age of computers, biotechnology and other modern mechanical, scientific and outer space marvels. Remember that the supreme tribute we can pay to any machine is to say, it is almost human. Now, stop and think! Our Creator has presented you with the world’s most miraculous machine - your own body! This incredible factory has its own non-stop motor (the heart), its own fueling system (the digestive system), its own filtration system (the kidneys), its own thinking computer (brain and nervous system), its own temperature e controls (sweat glands), etc. Indeed, this miraculous creation even has power to r reproduce itself!

Keep Your Precious Body and Heart Functioning at Peak Efficiency

Despite its importance, most of us rarely consider the care of this machine - our body - until illness strikes. By care we don’t mean coddling. Instead, we mean those sensible practices and precautions which keep us in shape for the vigorous daily routine that strenuous modern living requires. Most people are fortunate to be born healthy, but far too often take this priceless gift of health for granted. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always let them get away with this carefree attitude. You can ruin a good car by neglect or abuse, and you can do the same with your heart and body!

Unless you know how your body functions - or malfunctions - you cannot take proper care of it. Most people’s ideas about their physical processes are erroneous or far-fetched. Even in this scientific age, too many superstitions and misconceptions about the human body still persist.

We will explain how the body works, with a straightforward account of the physical, mental, and emotional factors which influence it. There will be valuable suggestions on how to keep your heart, body and its entire system running at peak efficiency.



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