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Don’t Blame Heart Attacks on Hard Work, Stress, Strain or Tension

Another Perspective

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and dedication to rebuild broken health

All begins with nutrition

You hear a great deal about the modern rat race today. You hear people saying that our mile-a-minute pace of living causes heart attacks. The words hard work, stress, and tension are excuses for the rising death rates from heart attacks.

The basis for a heart attack is coronary blockage! The question is often asked, is there no warning before the blood supply to the hear t begins to get danger lousy low? The answer is simple: arterial blockage grows silently and insidiously. There is usually no way of knowing exactly how much and where waste is accumulating inside one’s arteries, usually until it’s too late.

In some parts of the body, such as the legs, a reduced blood supply to the muscles can cause localized pain and cramping sensations. The heart sometimes gives angina pain warnings. Often there’s no pain warning. This is why so many fat, flabby people, who eat any rubbish set before them will tell you they are in fine shape (no pain, problems, etc.) without taking special care of their bodies. Unfortunately, many are potentially killing themselves with their unhealthy lifestyle. When the heart attack comes, do they ever blame it on their own unhealthy habits of living? Oh, no! They blame hard work, pressures and tensions, etc!

Unhealthy cooking diminishes happiness and shortens life.

Wisdom of Ages

Primitive Humans Lived and Thrived Under Great Pressures

Let’s set the record straight: humans have lived under tremendous pressure, stress, strain, and tension since the dawn of history. That is what life partly is – struggle! To live is to exist under pressures of all kinds. Humans have never lived without some challenges!

In order to survive, our primitive ancestors lived under pressures that would be difficult for us to handle in today’s modern world. Early humans were often the prey of wild animals seeking to kill and eat them. In times of tribal or familial wars, some humans stalked and killed one another. Wind, rain, snow, and bad weather would also put them under severe duress. Humans had to survive cruel and vicious natural calamities like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, famines, and epidemics. In short, stress, strain, and tension are nothing new to humanity. Therefore, we believe humans can face and overcome almost all of the hardest pressures life puts upon them if they are healthy, strong of body, and alert of mind - this is the survival of the fittest!

The Secret of Survival

Heart trouble need not be an inevitable by-product of mounting work, stress, tension, and pressures that people face daily. Though early generations had to exist under tremendous pressure, they were rugged; active physically and mentally. Their secret was simple living, natural foods (without preservatives and pesticides) and ample pure air as well as hard work, which exercises and tones the heart and muscles. As it was in the past, so it is today. Build yourself a vigorous, strong body so that you may face the great pressures of our culture today. Health, strength, endurance, stamina, vitality, and energy are your protection from pressure, stress, strain, and tension. Face it: this is a tough, rough, cruel, and hard-boiled world in which we live. Woe to the weak for they shall perish! Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease through direct effects on the cardiovascular system and through reduction of intra-abdominal stomach fat.

The health goal of exercise and maintaining normal weight is to lower the potential for cardiovascular disease.

American Heart Association

Self-Preservation is the First Law of Life

All of us must get fit for the long battle of life! There is no substitute for living a healthy life. It’s up to you, whether you’re rich or poor, to fight for your health and longevity with healthy eating and ample exercise!

What do we think of people who sit back and focus on making money for years while they allow their health to deteriorate? Then, when a heart attack or some other crippling ailment comes, they cry, I have worked so hard! I have been under terrible pressure and tension! All my troubles are due to these strains. We regard these people as uninformed and their complaints false! If they had given proper attention to their physical bodies they could have had success, money and still enjoyed health!

Hundreds of times we have heard wealthy people say I’d give all my wealth for my health! If they had applied a combination of common sense and a little effort, they easily could have had both! All that is necessary is an elementary knowledge of the workings of the body and its basic needs, combined with the ability to recognize abuse and the willpower to avoid it! People spend years mastering their careers. However, devoting minute’s daily learning about the health needs and limitations of their bodies seems difficult for them. Most people tend to ignore the fact that enjoying well-earned prosperity and long, happy lives depends on their health!

You Can Restore Your Health and Heart

One of the most remarkable miracles about the human body is its ability to repair and heal itself! For example, if you cut yourself, your body heals the cut. If you break a bone, the body heals the bone after its set and often it becomes stronger than before. Unexpected injury may happen at any time and to anyone! However, if you have been taking care of your body, chances are you will recover more quickly and with less discomfort. The less obvious injuries that we accumulate over time may also be repaired by the amazing human body. After taking a hammering for years, after being totally neglected for too long, your body can experience astounding recovery and rejuvenation. You must be prepared to be patient and generous with your time and effort. Just as a business that has been allowed to slip can be rebuilt. So can a neglected body! Don’t expect a miracle overnight

To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis for all social virtues. We can’t be as useful when not well.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, Father of Dictionaries

Ounce of Prevention worth Ton of Cure towards Building an Ageless Heart

Living with principles of proper diet and ample exercise promotes supreme health and longevity. Most people wait until something bad happens to their body before they do anything. We will teach you how to care for your body, so you can have an ageless and powerful heart at any age! Start today – it’s priceless, exciting, and fun! Challenge yourself – you will rebuild not only your heart, but your entire body!

All begins with nutrition

We obtain most of our energy from the food we eat, which has been directly or indirectly acted upon by the rays of the sun. Therefore, a healthy diet is important for the creation and maintenance of health. The next crucial step is keeping oxygen-rich healthy blood circulating throughout the body’s great blood pipe system. This is accomplished with daily vigorous exercise and activity. The results will be worth all the effort you put into improving your diet and exercise. Your rewards will be a more powerful heart and a stronger body that can handle your pressures. In the end, you will welcome challenges and your healthy body and clear mind will help you overcome and solve problems wisely and successfully!



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