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 Number 1 American Killer - Heart Disease


Heart Disease is the #1 Killer

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels take the lives of more than 1 million Americans each year – more than all other causes of death combined! In addition to being the #1 killer, it is also the #1 health destroyer.

More than 60 million Americans (1 in 4) suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. Those who survive one heart attack live in constant dread of another. Even young children can be affected by heart disease. According to the latest studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association, atherosclerotic plaques were found in children as young as three years of age! Also, pre-atherosclerotic spots were found in half of the right coronary arteries of patients ages 15 to 19.

The chances are better than 2-to-1 that – directly or indirectly – the adult male American will die of some form of heart disease. 92,000,000 Americans living today will die of heart disease – unless they start a prevention program by living a healthy heart lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease also affects women as well. Even though men tend to develop heart problems at an earlier age than women, cardiovascular disease rises after menopause, when levels of the reproductive hormone estrogen, plummets. After age 60, the number of women who die of heart disease is the same as men, one in four.

Be aware your lifetime savings may go straight to medical bills. Statistics reveal around 90% of American’s savings goes to medical expenses especially during retirement years, if they are in poor health.

Clinical studies conducted recently by the American Heart Association show that we are almost at the point where – through proper diet and exercise – a healthy heart can be virtually guaranteed for life! Unfortunately, this truly exciting news receives relatively minor media coverage. It arouses little interest because happy and healthy people don’t make big headlines.

Old age is a highly toxic condition caused by nutritional deficiencies and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Newsmen have a ssaying; Great news is not interesting news. They say it’s the sensational and disastrous news that makes headlines. It’s also likely that such healthy news would have raised great fury among the powerful lobbyists of the sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine and other unhealthy industries, who lobby heavily and spend millions on deceptive advertising.

Your Health is Your Wealth – It’s Up to You!

Health, like freedom and peace, lasts as long as we exert ourselves to maintain it. It’s almost exclusively in your hands whether you enjoy a healthy, vigorous life to a ripe old age or live out a half-alive, non-energetic existence with premature breakdown of health. This poor health condition predominates in civilized countries. Therefore, we find it ironic that so-called civilized nations are said to have a high standard of living. In these countries, coronary (heart) disease is the biggest killer! Apparently their high living standards are not producing health and longevity.

Coronary Disease is Preventable & Reversible

Dr. Dean Ornish’s book Reversing Heart Disease states: Heart problems are not only preventable, but also reversible by changing your lifestyle. We agree - if people would only eat and exercise properly, coronary disease could be stopped in its tracks! Future heart problems would be prevented and heart disease would begin to reverse! People have the power in their own mind to take control of their lives! Most people never know real physical health.

Your Bloodstream Is Your River of Life

The main object of the blood’s circulation is to ensure that all the body cells will be regularly supplied with food and oxygen and regularly cleansed of all toxic substances. To achieve this vital objective an intricate network of tubes run throughout the body. These tubes are called blood vessels. 



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