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Vitamin C Protects Heart, Arteries & Body

Vitamin C is one of Mother Nature’s most essential elements for good health. In addition to its other vital functions – such as prevention of scurvy, vitamin C is also active in preventing capillaries hemorrhaging, those tiny blood vessels that directly feed the body’s cells. (We take 1,000 to 3,000 mg mixed “C” daily, plus grape seed extract.)

Smoking Robs Your Body of Vitamin C

Tobacco neutralizes Vitamin C in your body, robbing you of its vital protection. Dr. W. J. McCormick – Canada’s “C” Specialist – found in lab and clinical tests that the smoking of a single cigarette robs the body of the amount of vitamin C contained in 1 medium sized orange. A pack a day smoker would have to eat 20 oranges for enough “C” in his body! Tobacco is not the only “C” thief, polluted air and foods with preservatives are also.

When capillaries in the artery walls hemorrhage, there is additional blockage to the blood flow. When this occurs in the heart or brain, a serious clot may form. In the legs and feet serious breakdown of the capillaries may occur. Sometimes this leads to gangrene, requiring an amputation and sometimes it causes varicose veins. So you can see how essential Vitamin C is to the healthy functioning of your heart, bloodstream and entire body.

All Smokers – Stop Smoking Today!

Many smokers are so addicted to this unhealthy and filthy habit that they become cry babies, saying, It’s impossible for me to break the habit of smoking. All we can say is, Rubbish! Who controls your body – the tobacco or you? Flesh is dumb! It has no intelligence. Your mind (your miracle computer) must control your body! The mind can always force the body to obey its orders! QUIT SMOKING! All smokers must stop this vicious, deadly habit that destroys health, youth, energy and life. Caffeine is a Dangerous Habit: How much coffee do you drink? Research found that 17% of Americans have 1 cup daily, 15% – 2 cups, 10% – 3 cups, 7% – 4 cups, 12% – 5 or more cups and 38% no coffee at all. Never use coffee and caffeine products if you want super health!


. Tobacco use and second-hand smoke will eventually kill 1/5 of the developed world population: about 250 million people.

. Of the 50 million Americans who smoke, one third to one half will die from a smoke-related disease. All will reduce their life expectancy by an average of nine years.

. Smoking acts as either a stimulant or a depressant, depending upon the smoker's emotional state.

. The average pack-a-day smoker takes about 70,000 hits of nicotine each year and with 2 packs it’s 140,000 hits.

. "Second hand smoke" hurts non-smokers: it speeds up the heart rate, raises blood pressure and doubles the amount of deadly carbon monoxide in their blood.

. Secondary smoke contains more nicotine, tar and cadmium (leading to hypertension, bronchitis and emphysema) than mainstream smoke.

. Babies born to mothers who smoke tend to have lower body weight and smaller lungs.

. Lung illnesses are twice as common in smokers' children.

. Children and teenagers make up 90% of the new smokers in the United States – and teenage smoking is on the rise!

. The death rate from breast cancer ranges from 25% to 75% higher among women who smoke.

. Female smokers may face a higher risk of lung cancer – as much as twice the risk of male smokers, according to Dr. Harvey Risch’s study at Yale University.

. Your body contains over 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Smoking constricts those vessels, depriving your body of the important fresh, rich oxygen it needs.

. Tobacco is the main introduction to more deadly drugs.

. Teens who smoke are far more likely to engage in other risky and life-threatening behaviors than non-smoking teens (including using other dangerous drugs, violence, gang involvement, carrying weapons, and engaging in premarital sex, which often results in pregnancy or disease).

. Cataracts, cancer, angina, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence, diabetes and respiratory ailments are linked to smoking.

A Deep Desire Has Great Power

In our crusades worldwide we have had health students in our classes who have smoked for as many as 50 years – and they stopped, without tapering off. They simply made up their minds to stop smoking at once – and they did. They stopped without the use of nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc., as these are dangerous, too!

Of course the brave souls who are quitting suffer for a few days as their nerves cry out for the nicotine fix of the deadly tobacco. However, they find the intestinal fortitude and purpose to take the brief punishment of their withdrawal discomforts. They are fighting a monster that controlled them. They can and will win their battle!

To be effective in changing a bad habit into a good one, rational thought must be accompanied by deep feeling and desire. If you desire a Healthy Heart strongly enough, you can and will conquer the tobacco habit!

Picture yourself as you would like to be. Believe for the moment that such an image is possible. In forming good habits and breaking bad ones, we have to deal with thought habits. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Think, No smoking! Tell yourself over and over that your smoking is slowly killing you and that it’s your enemy. Say to yourself over and over again, Tobacco in any form is a killer and I am through with this vicious poison forever! Repeat, I will not smoke! Over and over again. You will soon become master of your body instead of a slave to the tobacco habit!

Be Your Body’s Health Captain

You must not be a slave to any bad habits that will damage your heart or body and contribute to a heart attack. That goes not only for tobacco, but for coffee, tea, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, salt and saturated fats. Free yourself from the bondage of these killing habits! Look at these poisons as your heart’s enemies. For a strong, healthy heart you must faithfully practice Health Mindedness. In your mind’s eye see yourself as you wish to be – strong, healthy and youthful. A person who is in charge of his body is not a slave to unhealthy lifestyle habits!

Say to You: If it is to be – It is up to me!

“I will not use tobacco.” “I will not use salt.”  “I will not drink coffee.”  “I will not over-eat.”  “I will not drink black tea.”  “I will not drink sodas.”  “I will not clog my arteries with saturated fats.”  “I will not drink alcoholic drinks.”

Habits that destroy the health of your body must be broken with a strong willpower! Say to yourself repeatedly and believe it, that your intelligent mind will healths captain your body towards super health! Let no person or circumstances break your iron willpower! Let no one brainwash you! You must do your own thinking! You can and will control your own mind, body and health. With inner strength you break bad habits of all kinds!


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Alcohol has been classified as a Central Nervous System Depressant Drug


Coffee and Non-Herbal Tea are Drugs

Coffee is a harmful stimulant to the heart. It contains the drug caffeine which makes the heart beat faster and puts it under an undue, unhealthy strain. Coffee also contains tars and acids which are injurious to the heart, blood vessels and other tissues. These same agents are also present in de-caffeinated coffee. Don’t drink coffee - it has no nutrients and no vitamins or minerals! Coffee is worthless and harmful to your health! The same goes for non-herbal tea. Don’t contaminate your bloodstream with these toxic substances - tea contains tannic acid!

Study Shows Cola Drinks Toxic To Body

What do cola drinks contain? Three toxic stimulants and carbonated water! Colas contain caffeine, phosphoric acid and refined white sugar (also some diet colas contain toxic aspartame); all are toxic empty calories without any health nutrient value. They also contain carbonated water, which irritates the kidneys and the liver! Recent study says: Don’t drink colas or any sodas - and don’t let your children ruin their health with these drinks!

Life is learning which rules to obey and which rules not to obey and the wisdom to tell the difference between the two.

Alcohol is a Depressant and Killer!

Alcohol, generally considered a stimulant, is actually a depressant. It dilates the blood vessels, in time breaking the tiny capillaries, especially of the nose, cheeks, neck and ankles (example: red, swollen nose of hard drinkers). Alcohol is also a relaxant and dulls and paralyses the brain. The drinker loses good judgment and control of the body, and is therefore the cause of thousands of car accidents, crimes, killings, rapes and unnecessary deaths. Drinking alcohol is dangerous and an unhealthy way to relax!

The chief toxic effect of alcohol is on the brain and nervous system. Alcohol burns up by depleting the body of vitamin C and also B (the essential nerve vitamin). This, in combination with capillary dilation, can lead to brain hemorrhaging- which in turn, can lead to paralysis. Medical research has shown that the boisterous actions, loud speech, joviality, bravado and devil-may-care attitude of the alcoholic are actually the beginning paralysis of certain parts of the brain!

Stay away from alcohol! It is nothing but empty calories. It will burden your body with unhealthy, flabby fat, in addition to its other toxic, poisonous and injurious effects. The numbing effect of alcohol on the pain centers of the brain and nervous system is a special danger to anyone with a heart condition. Without Mother Nature’s warning signal - pain - a heart attack, which might have been averted, may prove fatal.

No Self-Drugging!

If you try to prescribe drugs for yourself, the side effects and long-term results could be serious! Even though constant TV ads keep telling us what to take to solve aches, pains, upset stomachs, insomnia, etc. It’s wise to seek advice from your alternative health care advisor and then follow the directions exactly!

The alcohol habit is most harmful and must be eliminated!

Coffee increases free fatty acid levels in the blood and causes degenerative diseases! “There is a strong likelihood that caffeine may prove to be one of the most dangerous mutagens to human life.” - Cancer Research

Mind Over Muscle

The saying, if you don’t use it, you lose it, certainly applies to the 640 muscles of the human body. When you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles lose their firm, supple tone. Over time they become soft and flabby.

If overweight, make up your mind that you want to trim down to your normal weight. This is more difficult than it seems, because the mind has a way of making excuses for an overweight body. For instance, you may say to yourself, it’s normal for me to be fat. I’m the plump type, or, I eat so little, yet I remain fat. The latter may be true - but remember it is what you eat – not how much! And it is never normal to be obese!

Your mind must control your body! Flesh is dumb and flesh is weak. Flesh often demands fatty, starchy, sugary foods. Either your mind rules the body or the body rules the mind. Be positive! Tell your body that your mind is going to be the best health captain!

Exercise Daily for a Powerful Heart

Remember that it is a lean horse that finishes the long race! If you want a long, healthy life, keep your body trim and fit. Once you have trimmed down to your normal weight through proper diet and daily exercise, there will be a huge difference in the way you will feel! You will be bubbling over with vitality and energy. You will be unafraid of life’s challenges and free from the fear of heart trouble and other illness!

Laziness is a vicious habit. Sitting too much can ruin your health and is a bad habit. You need to devote 1 to 2 hours every day to some kind of vigorous exercise. The simplest and best is brisk walking for a strong heart – preferably up and down hills, or walking up and down steps.

The surest way to fail is to determine not to succeed. – Sheridan

Duty is a matter of the mind. Dedication is a matter of the heart.

Enjoy Exercising – It’s Healthy and Fun!

There is great hiking near where we had a home in Hollywood, California, where Mt. Hollywood rises some 2,000 feet in famous Griffith Park. We enjoyed early morning hikes up the mountain to greet the sun rising and then run down. Also, in Santa Barbara, we always enjoy ocean swimming and hiking the surrounding hills.

We love to walk, jog and climb mountains. We take time to walk or jog daily, or we swim, play tennis or ride our bikes. We work out 3 times a week with a progressive weight training program, which helps keep our bones and muscles healthier and stronger.

Exercise is the greatest single factor available to us for removing any blockages and unclogging the arteries and blood vessels, and for increasing the vital flow of oxygen-enriched blood throughout the heart and body. Recent studies show that exercise can reduce the risk of developing adult-onset diabetes as well as breast cancer. The famous Harvard School of Public Health Researchers ( studied a group of 70,000 women. Results: 46% lowered their risk of diabetes with daily vigorous exercising and brisk walking.


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Develop Strength from the Inside Out, Not from the Outside In

Remember that from the day you were born into this world, to the day you die, your 640 muscles play an important role in everything you do. Think of it – more than half your body is sheer muscle! It isn’t the muscles that you see that count as much as those you don’t see! Along the 30-foot gastrointestinal tract there are muscles to force food along this tube. The work of bringing adequate amounts of air into your powerful lungs also requires other strong muscles.

And above all, the greatest muscle in your body is your heart, your number one pump. It is the heart that pumps the blood supply into the body’s 640 muscles. And the more we bring these 640 muscles into play, the better our heart, circulation, physical condition and our entire state of health will be! You have four more extra pumps that can also help this whole process – they are your two arms and your two legs – use and exercise them!

Brisk Power Walking is the King of Exercise

Brisk power walking is the best form of aerobic exercise because it brings most of the body into action which helps open up blocked blood vessels and builds your endurance. Your heart grows in strength and efficiency, able to function with less strain. Also, many problems and upsets get solved on walks. As you walk, grasp yourself in the small of the back and feel how your entire frame responds to every stride. Feel how your chief muscles are functioning rhythmically. No other exercise gives the same harmony of coordinating sinews and the same perfect circulation of the blood. Brisk power walking is ideal for you, your health and your heart! (We also enjoy ocean swimming.)

The goal of exercise and weight loss should be to reduce abdominal deposits of fat that lowers the potential for cardiovascular disease.

Faith can place a candle in the darkest night.

Walk 2 to 3 Miles Daily – It Does Miracles!

You should try to walk 2 to 3 miles daily, and sometimes try doubling it. Don’t give yourself excuses. Make a daily walk a permanent part of your Bragg Healthy Heart Fitness Program – all year and in all climates. Conrad Hilton walked in the sun and rain and loved it. Regardless of what other exercise you do, your daily walk is a must!

Of course, you may take it in the form of golf if you enjoy this social sport. But it’s best not to ride around the golf course in an electric cart! This makes a farce of the whole thing. Walking is what your heart needs. We are inclined to agree with Mark Twain, who said, Golf is a good way to spoil a good walk. But, if it takes the game to make you walk, do so. The result is almost the same – healthily functioning muscles and quickened blood circulation, plus a sense of harmony and happiness.

Although the outdoors is preferable – where you can get the most fresh air – indoor walking is far better than none at all. In winter, you can try hallways, porches or shopping malls. When on health crusades around the world, we take an evening brisk walk through the corridors, and up and down the stairs of our hotel. If a roof terrace is available, we prefer this open-air space. Expert Advice on How to Exercise

Often you may ask yourself, “Why aren’t you closing in on your ideal weight?” You’re trying to workout and exercise, but it doesn’t seem your bathroom scale is showing you any results - your weight appears the same as when you started out. Here are some tips from the exercise experts:

An effective weekly exercise program to get your heart in shape should include one rigorous program that makes you sweat; two moderate exercise programs, and one easy session. For example: taking an aerobics class, or a run and after a more relaxing yoga or stretching class.

In the initial phases of exercise training, you may get a post-workout drop in blood sugar that causes cravings for simple carbohydrates like sweets. However, the cravings should disappear a few weeks into your exercise training. Have delicious fresh fruits handy such as organic apples, oranges, pears and bananas, rather than reaching for an unhealthy chocolate bar.

Drink at least 64 ounces of purified (distilled or reverse osmosis) water daily

To Enjoy Your Daily Walk Is Important

Your walking should never be done self-consciously, no heel and toe routine and no time limiting. Let it be the most functional and enjoyable of exercises. Walk naturally – with head high, spine stretched up, chest out and tummy in. Swing your hips, arms and body into action. Walk as though your legs began at the middle of your torso. Breathe deeply! You will feel physical elation and will carry yourself proudly with body erect and arms swinging easily from your shoulders.

Move at your own pace, with a free spirit and a light heart. If you want, listen to motivational tapes or music. As you walk, your body ceases to matter, you become as near a poet and nature philosopher as you will ever be.

Walk your worries away! As blood courses through your arteries, cleansing and nourishing your body, you are filled with a sense of well-being that clears your mind of troubles and nourishes it with positive thoughts. As we stride along on our hike, we say to ourselves and sometimes aloud with each step – Health! Strength! Youth! Vitality! Love! for Eternity!

It’s beneficial to also take a hiking tour once a year. Select interesting areas which you, your family and friends would like to see, and hike about 15 miles daily. You will broaden your knowledge of our beautiful planet and of Mother Nature, as well as help to build a more powerful, healthier and long-lasting heart. The websites listed below will help you in your selection.

Walking-Running – Perfect Conditioners

We love jogging and walking – because a run a day helps keep heart attacks away! We also enjoy light jogging, as practiced by athletes in training workouts. Do this with an easy sustained pace, head up, shoulders back, arms swinging naturally. All athletes and trainers worldwide consider running and jogging as perfect conditioners. Websites to inspire you into healthy walking, jogging and hiking programs in your area:

Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet:

Fitness Connection:

Dance, Fitness & Sports Store:

Travel Guides:


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Health Benefits of Walking - Walking for Heart Health


Enjoy Exercise & Jogs for Longer Life

The first question we ask the hotel manager is, Where is the nearest park where we can take our daily exercise? And off we go sometime during the day. We prefer to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Each person, however, should choose the time best suited and available to them.

We are so pleased to find that all over the world today running and jogging has become an accepted method in the pursuit of Heart Fitness by people of all age groups.

Many cities have hiking and jogging clubs, which anyone may join. We have had the pleasure of running with folks around the world; including Europe, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia and throughout the U.S.

It is universally accepted that exercise is important for the promotion of physical, mental and emotional health. A daily run or jog - when adapted to the individual’s physical condition and age – will improve endurance, produce a sense of well-being and help to maintain total body fitness (plus each step gives your body a little massage, trampolining does also). Exercise helps increase resistance to sickness and disease, and helps make the heart stronger and life longer!

Before starting on your exercise program, it’s wise to seek advice from your health practitioner. Also, be sure that you choose a soft surface to run or jog on, such as grass or sand.

Jogging on hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, could accumulate damage to knees, hips, ankles and organs.

Exercise is the Best Fitness Conditioner

A daily program of walking, running or jogging is a quick, sure and inexpensive fitness conditioner. Be faithful to your exercise routine for true heart fitness. Women will be especially pleased when they see fat change to lean, as the inches fly off their waistlines and hiplines – all the while improving their health! Men and women, both please remember your waistline is your lifeline and also your dateline! A person with a trim and fit figure always looks more youthful and attractive!

If you are a softie and feel you cannot get outside for your run or jog on cold and rainy days – stationary inside jogging to music or your favorite talk show will work too. Stay in one place and lift one foot at a time about 6-8 inches from floor - it’s best to start easy and gradually build up to faster, longer periods. Remember to exercise where you get the freshest air on the patio, front porch, or inside or outside rest areas at work.

Heart Disease & Irritability & Dominance

New studies from the John Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Maryland have found that irritability and dominance may cause coronary heart disease. Until recently, most research centered on the role of psychosocial factors, says Dr. Aron Wolfe Siegman. The study involved 101 men and 95 women; the average age was 55 years. The research found that a full-blown outward expression of anger is a risk factor for coronary heart disease in men, and for women – subtle, indirect expressions of antagonism are big risk factors. Also, expressions of irritability with anger are risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Death rates from heart disease are up 4 to 7 times higher among people with hostile, mean attitudes, stated by Dr. Redford Williams, Duke University Medical Center.

Love is living in harmony with all those around you and all that surrounds you. – Amrit Desai

Only 20% of American’s have some form of regular exercise! This is causing poor health and more cardiovascular disease! Regular exercise is important for your Healthy Heart Program. Please start your exercise program today.

Exercising in the Sky – You Arrive Healthier

We even get our jogging in while thousands of feet high in the air, soaring the skies in a airplane. We just go to the rear of the plane and jog and stretch. We never arrive stiff and tired. Learn to take advantage of any spare moments for stationary jogging during the day, whether you are an office worker, CEO or housewife. We all must have daily exercise for good, healthy hearts and bodies.

Good Shoes & Socks Promote Happy Feet

Comfortable walking shoes with flexible rubber soles, particularly under the heel is important. We often insert Dr. Scholl’s (our friend and follower who lived to almost 100) foam inner soles (available at shoe and drug stores). Safeguard your precious feet with good serviceable shoes and ample padding. Otherwise, the continual jarring of walking, jogging and exercising in ill-fitting or thin-soled shoes can eventually cause some foot discomfort and discouragement! Shoes should not be too loose or overly tight. Feet often swell from added stimulation and circulation caused by running and when shoes are too tight you can get painful blisters. Your socks must fit right. Make sure they haven’t any holes or repairs that could cause chafing or blistering. Be sure your socks aren’t the kind that bunch up inside your shoes. We often wear 2 pairs of socks – first a thin cotton pair, then a heavier wool pair – just as many tennis champs do.

High Systolic Pressure Plays Role in Hypertension & Heart Disease

New studies from University of California, Irvine College of Medicine has found that most older patients with high blood pressure have higher than normal readings of systolic, or upper pressure, but normal lower or diastolic readings. “We were surprised to find so many patients with this pattern of blood pressure readings,” stated Dr. Stanley S. Franklin, professor of medicine and lead researcher, “If more attention were paid to systolic pressure, we might see fewer people who are at a higher risk for heart disease and stroke.” The researchers believe that high systolic pressure may be left untreated because most doctors assume that higher diastolic pressure indicates a greater risk of heart disease than systolic pressure. The study found that among participants aged 50 and older, about 80% had systolic blood pressure higher than 140, but had diastolic pressure below 90. (120 over 70 are ideal.)

Try and do your jogging on grass or soft surfaces. Grass is easier on the legs and feet, especially if you are a big person. Your legs carry you throughout life and deserve every consideration you can give them! There might be some discomfort, particularly if your exercise during the past years has been mostly confined to lifting a knife and fork! In addition to comfortable clothes and a good exercise space, you will need will power and a dedicated purpose to keep at it! When first starting you might be hindered by unaccustomed aches, pains and blisters. Remember, this soreness is often a healthy sign that important changes are underway in your body. Think of any temporary discomfort in this way and you’ll even take pride in feeling stiff for a few days. Take a hot apple cider vinegar bath (add half cup of apple cider vinegar). The big rule to follow is, train but don’t strain.

Alternate Running and Walking “One step begins a ten thousand mile journey.”

A wise Chinese proverb to start your new, exciting journey toward Healthy Heart Fitness with a winning attitude! One yard is approximately the longest step you can take. Now, step off 25 yards or 50, 75 or 100 and slowly increase distance and do more sets. Initially run any of these distances. If you have not been exercising, make your first weeks’ daily runs 25 to 50 yards. Run or jog whatever distance you choose as a starter. After the run, then walk the same distance, briskly and breathe deeply while keeping your head and shoulders up and your arms swinging. Deep breathing is important. The reason you are doing this exercise is to give your heart more oxygen. Dad and I are faithful to our fast walking/running program. Walking/running every day helps your heart get stronger!

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7

The medical journal Circulation reports people who don’t make efforts to exercise regularly face the same dangerous risk of heart disease as people who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily.

Of all knowledge, that most worth having is knowledge about health. The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person. – Herbert Spencer


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American Heart Association, Life is Why



Life is Why is the new anthem of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. Life is Why was developed to capture the momentum of our growing organization, the passion of our people, and to communicate our mission to one day realize a world free of heart disease and stroke.

A celebration of life, Life is Why offers a simple, yet powerful answer to the question of why we do what we do. Simply put, we want people to experience more of life's precious moments. To do that, we all must be healthy in heart and mind. Emphatic and emotional, Life Is Why is the messaging platform that best communicates our commitment to making a healthier, longer life possible for everyone.

Daily Walk and Run Brings Miracles

When you walk and run every day, the sustained pressure on the circulatory system adds elasticity to the blood vessels, increasing their capacity for greater and easier blood flow. It’s remarkable that this simple exercise can be such a positive step in protecting your heart and health. A great Heart Specialist in London told that any person who will run 15 to 30 minutes daily for a year could expect to double the capacity of their main arteries. This is the way to build a powerful heart. Activity (walking, jogging, running, etc.) that causes deep breathing requires more energy. The body produces this energy by burning foodstuffs – and the burning agent is oxygen. The body can store food at each meal, using what it wants and saving some of the rest for later, but it can’t store oxygen. Most of us produce enough energy to perform ordinary daily activities. But as physical activity becomes more vigorous, the unfit people just can’t keep up, because the means for oxygen delivery is limited in their bodies. This is what separates the fit from the unfit!

Jogging and running demands you to breathe more oxygen in and forces your body to process and deliver it. Even if you have been inactive or sick, start simple walking and light exercise and soon it will help you to build better circulation and a more vital oxygen intake. A sound heart, like a sound car, can be driven far and fast without harm, but periods of rest and recovery are required. As we live longer, the need for rest generally increases, but not as much as most people imagine. A daily 20 to 30 minute nap is an ideal recharger after lunch.

Like a car, regular maintenance and sensible use can keep the heart working in an as new condition even at a vintage age.

To maintain good health the body must be exercised properly (walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, deep breathing, good posture, etc.) and nourished wisely (natural foods), so as to provide and increase the good life of radiant health, joy, peace and happiness. – Paul C. Bragg

There is no thrill quite like doing something you didn’t know you could. – Marjorie Holmes

Exercise For Health and Good Circulation

Good Circulation – Key to Strong Heart

When any part of the circulatory system is seriously impaired, the billions of body cells it serves are deprived of their oxygen and nourishment. With their blood supply cut off, these cells will automatically break down. The cell damage may occur in the heart itself and in the brain, the lungs, kidneys, skin or other parts of the body. Remember – if you don’t use your body, you will lose it!

Five Exercises for Increased Circulation

Exercise 1 – Windmill Exercise For Energy


Stand erect with heels and toes together, chest up, stomach drawn in, shoulders back, head high, with hands hanging loosely at your sides. Now, start swinging your arms in a forward circular motion then coming down along the sides of your body, continuing circles. Increase speed until you are making circles as fast as possible. Start by doing 10 circles forward and increase by several a day until you can bring it up to 30 circles at one time.


Same position as above, only instead of making circles with the arms forward, make circles backward – in the opposite direction. Start with 10 and increase to 30.

Exercise 2 – Hands and Finger Circulation Exercise

Stand erect as in Exercise #1. Bring hands 10 inches in front of body at chest height, and from the wrists shake the relaxed hands vigorously. Do 15 shakes with both hands at the same time and then grip hands together 15 times. Now 15 times grip each hand individually into a tight fist, then relax the hands, stretching fingers out as far as possible.

Each day is God’s gift to you. Make it blossom and grow into a thing of beauty.

Exercise 3 – Body Circulation-Builder

This exercise is great for people in cold climates to bring circulation to their arms, hands and upper body. Start in the same position as Exercise #1. Hold arms and hands outstretched horizontally at shoulder height. Each hand forms a half circle as the exercise is done. The right hand strikes the left shoulder and the left hand strikes the right shoulder at the same time. The arms are crisscrossed alternately with each repetition . . . right over left and then left over right. Slap the shoulders vigorously. Make it vigorous so each time the arms are flung open back to the starting position, then the chest is pushed forward and up. Start this exercise by doing it 10 times and work up until you can do it 30 times.

Exercise 4 – Leg and Feet Vibrating Exercise

Stand erect, feet about 8 to 10 inches apart and arms at sides. Now, put all your weight on your left foot and raise your right foot off the ground about 6 or 8 inches. Make short stretching kicks in a forward direction. (You may hold on to a chair.) You will feel vibration from the hips to the toes. Now alternate, standing on right foot and kicking with your left foot. Start with 10 kicks on each foot and increase the amount every day until you can kick about 30 times or more with each foot. Make this a vigorous exercise – it promotes great circulation to hips, thighs, calves and feet and is important for health.

Exercise 5 – Exercise for Blood Circulation in Head 90

Stand erect with knees relaxed and feet 12 inches apart. Lean forward from waist, with arms hanging down, relaxed near floor. (Hold on to chair if necessary.) In this position gently roll your head side to side and down and up. Do these exercises only a few times in the beginning, until your neck and head become accustomed to more circulation.

These simple exercises cause no heart strain and are ideal for improving circulation. They help open up blocked arteries and blood vessels. When circulation is increased through exercise it helps purify the blood so more oxygen is carried to all parts of the body.

Exercises – Good For Heart and Health

A normal, healthy heart cannot be injured by these exercises. Weak people should start slowly and work up to a vigorous workout. Just as exercise is good for any muscle, these circulatory exercises are beneficial for both a healthy and an injured heart. These exercises will condition your heart just as they do your visible muscles. Refuse to listen to people who try to frighten you away from exercise! The heart is a muscle and must be exercised if it is to remain strong. By exercising you will build a stronger heart and body!

Do these exercises daily – requires only 15 minutes. This is just a little time to invest in a healthy heart and a healthful life! If you have a sedentary job, if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing, do these exercises 2 or 3 times daily. When on long automobile drives, stop and do exercises every few hours. The more you do these exercises, the better circulation you will have, and this promotes a stronger heart! When at home, after your exercises you can enjoy the Special Shower as below.

Special Shower Builds Healthy Circulation

Here’s a progressive method for improving circulation over your entire body. All you need is a large back brush or Swedish bath friction mitt, castile soap and a coarse Turkish towel. Get into shower and turn on the hot water. With brush or mitt, gently scrub your body. At first your coddled body won’t be able to take too much scrubbing. Also it’s good to hand–massage neck and upper shoulders. After your scrub/massage part, then alternate hot or cold showers (*filtered) for 3 to 5 minutes. Now towel rub dry your body for 3 to 5 minutes – your circulation will tingle!

It’s wonderful relaxation for tired or sore muscles and refreshing stimulation with the hot/cold water shower, letting the spray beat heavily on back and shoulders. Occasionally before shower applies olive oil if skin is dry. We advise this relaxing shower before dinner on days when you come home tired. It refreshes and relaxes you!

*Don’t gamble with your health; use a shower filter to remove toxins.



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