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Circulation, Heart Health and Nutrition



Exercise to Benefit the Liver and Kidneys

A normal, healthy heart cannot be injured by these exercises. Weak people should start slowly and work up to a vigorous workout. Just as exercise is good for any muscle, these circulatory exercises are beneficial for both a healthy and an injured heart. These exercises will condition your heart just as they do your visible muscles. Refuse to listen to people who try to frighten you away from exercise! The heart is a muscle and must be exercised if it is to remain strong. By exercising you will build a stronger heart and body!

Do these exercises daily – requires only 15 minutes. This is just a little time to invest in a healthy heart and a healthful life! If you have a sedentary job, if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing, do these exercises 2 or 3 times daily. When on long automobile drives, stop and do exercises every few hours. The more you do these exercises, the better circulation you will have, and this promotes a stronger heart! When at home, after your exercises you can enjoy the Special Showe..

Special Shower Builds Healthy Circulation

Here’s a progressive method for improving circulation over your entire body. All you need is a large back brush or Swedish bath friction mitt, castile soap and a coarse Turkish towel. Get into shower and turn on the hot water. With brush or mitt, gently scrub your body. At first your coddled body won’t be able to take too much scrubbing. Also it’s good to hand–massage neck and upper shoulders. After your scrub/massage part, then alternate hot or cold showers (*filtered) for 3 to 5 minutes. Now towel rub dry your body for 3 to 5 minutes – your circulation will tingle!

It’s wonderful relaxation for tired or sore muscles and refreshing stimulation with the hot/cold water shower, letting the spray beat heavily on back and shoulders. Occasionally before shower applies olive oil if skin is dry. We advise this relaxing shower before dinner on days when you come home tired. It refreshes and relaxes you!

*Don’t gamble with your health; use a shower filter to remove toxins.

Exercise to Benefit the Liver and Kidneys

Your great filters - the kidneys - are the body’s hardest working organs! Exercises that bend and twist the body at its middle will help to stimulate the kidneys, which makes them function more efficiently.

Here’s a great exercise for stimulating the kidneys:

Stand up straight with hands over head. Now bend forward from waist with knees relaxed and try to touch toes. Return your hands overhead; now bend backwards as far as comfortable. Now, arms up, hands clasped, bend first to left side, then to right side as far as possible. Since most of the body’s liquid waste is eliminated through the kidneys, you should do these kidney stimulating exercises daily. Start with 10 of each and work up to 30.

The Dangers of Sitting too Long

Although most waste products are eliminated through the kidneys, the lungs expel carbon dioxide. In the tiny alveoli of the lungs, blood discharges carbon dioxide and takes on oxygen, again turning a bright red. It then flows back into the heart, to be pumped out through the arteries to the rest of the body. This powerful cycle is repeated thousands of times each day. This is the reason you must never sit too long at one time. Sitting slows down the circulation and stagnates the blood. Long periods of sitting can be damaging to the heart. And please, never cross your legs – it’s unhealthy!

People who sit too long may develop a thrombosis (blood clot) in the deep veins of the calf. If your office work requires sitting a lot, get up and move around every hour. On long car trips, stop every hour or so and take a walk or do some exercises. Remember when exercising, you flush out toxins and stimulate blood circulation through your vital pipes that supply food and oxygen.

Cheerfulness is the atmosphere under which all things thrive. – Jean Paul Richter

The Art of Healthy Sitting

When sitting, sit correctly! The most disastrous and injurious habit of bad sitting is crossing the legs for it compresses the popliteal artery in the back of the knees which can cause a variety of unhealthy problems (blood stagnation – leg, hip and backaches, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, headaches, pain, etc.).

Don’t Cross Your Legs! When you sit in a chair, sit well back. Do not let the edge of the chair cut off circulation in the back of the knees. Keep your feet on floor. Dangling your legs puts too much pressure on veins. When I was small, my dad shortened the legs of a table for me so that my feet would touch the floor. Adults who have shorter legs should use a footstool. We love rocking chairs – you can get rest by sitting, plus some peaceful (even problem solving) rocking exercise!

Sweating is Healthy for You!

The skin, with its millions of pores and sweat glands, is the body’s largest eliminating organ – (often called the third kidney). Sweat has a dual purpose – it rids the body of impurities and serves as a temperature regulator. When our body is exposed to heat or warmed up by exercise, sweat glands are stimulated into action. Evaporation of the sweat cools the blood when it reaches the skin. This helps the body from becoming overheated and, at the same time, eliminates impurities near the skin’s surface.

It’s the toxic impurities or the mixture with skin dirt, that gives sweat a bad odor. If you are clean inside and out, then there is only the good sweat smell. Regardless of what deodorant advertisers say, it’s healthy to sweat. From dancing, calisthenics, walking, cycling and even vigorous housework, to saunas and steam rooms – any activity that makes you sweat improves your heart action and health. Hard work never hurts when you’re healthy!

Nervous Tension can ruin your health in dozens of ways, diminish your productivity and even shorten your lifespan. – Dr. E. Jacobson,You Must Relax


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Preventing coronary heart disease




Indulge in Hobbies That Are Active and Fun

 My dad said if he were the President of the United States he would advocate laws requiring all people who work sitting down to spend an equal amount of time in keeping physically fit by brisk walking, etc. Also TV or computer addicts would be required to spend an hour in brisk walking for every hour they sit before a screen.

We would like to start a healthy-heart crusade against inactivity, long sitting and sedentary activities. Long sitting slows down circulation and when that happens many changes take place in the artery walls. You must keep active! When you relax, relax actively. Cultivate hobbies that give you needed exercise that you can enjoy such as hiking, swimming, tennis, golf, etc. You can’t build a strong heart unless you exercise, walk briskly, bend, twist, vibrate your body, which promotes healthy overall body circulation. Stagnation breeds disease.

Avoid Constricting Clothes and Shoes

Anything that impedes blood circulation damages the heart and its arterial and vascular systems. Therefore, wear no constricting under garments - this includes tight bras, belts, collars, ties and above all, tight shoes.

Tight shoes can do more to disturb the circulation than any other article of clothing because the feet must always be well supplied with blood. There are 26 bones in each foot - more than in any other part of the body. When the blood does not reach the feet in the required quantities, toxins are retained in the cell structures of the feet. That is why so many people’s feet have an unpleasant odor - they need to detoxify their body.

Many conditions of stiffness and deformities are brought on by ill-fitting shoes that cause poor circulation and incorrect posture when walking and standing. Only wear comfortable, practical shoes that don’t bind or inhibit the free circulation of the blood to the feet.

* Read Dressed to Kill, by Sydney Singer, on breast cancer and bra studies.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you’re going and why. – Eddie Cantor

Exercise Helps Build Better Circulation

To Your Feet, Hands and Whole Body

Walking barefoot is the ideal way to walk. Each time we remove our shoes and walk barefoot is an opportunity to improve our circulation and walk toward more fitness for our heart. Walking on the grass, walking on the sand, earth or simply walking barefoot around the house improves circulation and helps strengthen the heart.

The heart must pump blood to the legs and feet, as well as to the arms and hands. Most people do not have sufficient rhythmic circulation to these extremities. That is why so many people complain of cold or numb feet, legs that go to sleep easily and arms and hands that become cold and numb. Here is a hydrotherapeutic water method that alleviates these conditions:

Cold and Hot Water Circulation Therapy:

Get 2 small foot tubs or wash tubs. Fill one with hot water - about 104° or as hot as you can stand. Fill the other with cold water, preferably with ice cubes added. Now for 2 minutes put your feet in the hot water and your entire lower arms (hands to elbows) submerged in the cold water. After 2 minutes reverse the procedure – put your feet in the cold water, your arms and hands in the hot water for another 2 minute period. Repeat this cycle 5 times, then take a coarse cotton towel and rub your feet, arms and hands vigorously until they are warm and glowing with tingling, healthy circulation.

Here’s another super therapy to stimulate circulation in the feet. Sit on a chair next to a bathtub with feet dangling over the tub; turn on a strong flow of water and for 5 minutes, alternate hot and cold water over your feet. Finish up with coarse towel rub and massage.

Exercise Gives Huge Benefits for the Prevention of Heart Disease and also:

1.      Tones muscles

2.      Improves circulation

3.      Lowers cholesterol

4.      Chases Depression

5. Eases stress

6. Stimulates internal organs

7. Improves sex

8. Promotes sound sleep

9. Helps you think better

10. Promotes deep breathing

Great Framingham 50 Year Heart Study

In 1948 in Framingham, Massachusetts, 2,336 men and 2,873 women were recruited into a landmark study, the Framingham Heart Study. This ongoing study is still the source of much of our present understanding of heart disease and stroke. The original study group of 1948 and the succeeding generation of Framingham residents have been followed throughout their lives. Everyone has been interviewed and examined every 2 years for over 50 years. This massive pioneer medical research continues today.

In 1971, the original Framingham subjects were joined by 5,135 of their children. The researchers were pleased to find a 43% reduction in coronary heart disease death from the 1948 group. Our favorite - The New England Journal of Medicine says the increasing heart-health of Framingham’s 1970s test group is primarily the result of the lifestyle improvements (cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking factors) that so harmed the early 1950s group.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s China Project

In another landmark study, the China Project, written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the effects of nearly 50 disease categories on rural and urban counties (in US and China) were observed for 20 years. Results showed that populations using a diet richer in animal products and higher in total fat were much more afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases (cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.). The Chinese diet contains from 0 to 20% animal-based foods, while the affluent American diet, sad to say, is comprised of 50 to 70%. What’s worse, far more Americans are clinically obese, even though the Chinese consume 30% more total calories! Another astonishing fact is that China’s high cholesterol levels are almost equal to the U.S.’s low!

What these 2 ambitious studies have to say about maintaining cardiovascular health is eat a natural diet low in cholesterol, fats, sugars and salts, etc.; exercise regularly, fast and don’t smoke.

Iron-Pumping Oldsters (ages 86 to 96) Triple Their Muscle Strength In Landmark U.S. Government Study

WASHINGTON, June 13, 1990 - Ageing nursing home residents in Boston pumping iron? Elderly weightlifters tripling and quadrupling their muscle strength? Is it possible? Most people would doubt and wonder at this amazing revelation!

Yet government experts on ageing answered those questions with a resounding yes according to results of a new study. They turned a group of frail Boston nursing home residents, aged 86 to 96, into weightlifters to demonstrate that it’s never too late to reverse age-related declines in muscle strength. The study group participated in a regime of high-intensity weight-training in research conducted by the Agriculture Departments Human Research Center of Ageing at Tufts University in Boston. A high-intensity weight training program is capable of inducing dramatic increases in muscle strength in frail men and women up to 96 years of age, reported Dr. Maria A. Fiatarone, who was the Study Director.

Amazing Health & Fitness Results in 8 Weeks

The favorable response to strength training in these subjects was remarkable in light of their very advanced age, extremely sedentary habits, many chronic diseases, functional disabilities and nutritional inadequacies.

Despite their many handicaps, the elderly weight lifters increased their muscle strength by 3 to 4 times as much in as little as 8 weeks. Fiatarone said they probably were stronger at the end of the program than they had been in years!

Fiatarone and her associates emphasized the safety of such a closely supervised weight lifting program, even among people in frail health. The average age of the 10 participants was 90. Six had coronary heart disease, 7 had arthritis, 6 had bone fractures resulting from osteoporosis, 4 had high blood pressure, and all had been physically inactive for years. Yet no serious medical problems resulted from this program. A few of the participants did report minor muscle and joint aches, but 9 of the 10 still completed the program. One man, aged 86, felt a pulling sensation at the site of a previous hernia incision and dropped out after 4 weeks.

The study participants, drawn from a 712 bed long-term care facility in Boston, worked out 3 times a week during the study. They performed 3 sets of 8 repetitions with each leg on a weight lifting machine. The weights were gradually increased from 10 pounds to about 40 pounds at the end of the 8 week program.

Fiatarone said the study carries potentially important implications for older people, who represent a growing proportion of the population. A decline in muscle strength and size is one of the more predictable features of ageing. Muscle strength in the average adult decreases by 30% to 50% during the course of a lifetime. Experts on ageing do not know whether the decrease is an unavoidable consequence of ageing, or results mainly from sedentary lifestyle and other controllable factors.

Exercise, along with some fasting helps maintain or restore a healthy physical balance and normal weight for a long, happy life.

Muscle atrophy and weakness is not merely a cosmetic problem in elderly people, especially the frail elderly. Researchers have linked muscle weakness with recurrent falls, which is a major cause of immobility and death with the American elderly. This is costing the United States billions of dollars yearly in staggering medical fees.

Previous studies have suggested that weight training can be helpful in reversing age-related muscle weakness. But Fiatarone said physicians have been reluctant to recommend weight lifting for frail elderly patients with multiple health problems. The government study might help to change their minds. Also, this study shows the great importance of keeping the 640 body muscles as active and fit as possible to maintain general good physical fitness and also good heart and body health.

20 Year Study Shows Being Fit Saves Money

The average American spends over $7,000 on health care yearly, and costs are rising. This revealing 20 year study done by Dr. Ted Mitchell of The Cooper Clinic in Texas monitored 6,679 men. Results showed those who exercised more, required fewer doctor visits. Being fit cuts yearly medical expenses 25 to 60%. Study also found all you need to stay fit is to exercise just 20 to 30 minutes a day, four or five days a week. Physically fit people live longer and enjoy a better quality of life!

Miracle of Fasting:

Dr. Nikolayev, Director of a famous European fasting clinic, often quotes an old German proverb: “The illness that can’t be cured by fasting can’t be cured by anything else.” Fasting permits the miracle cleansing and healing powers of the body and of the mind to assert themselves.

Dr. Nikolayev - who fasts several times a year in 7, 10 to 15 day stretches stated, “I usually fast for prophylactic reasons. I have fasted several times with a scientific purpose in view, to make an experiment. I always feel excellent when I fast. It is always a happy, restful occasion.”

Dr. Nikolayev discovered that his patients responded to fasting treatment after all other forms of therapy had failed. The patients had been chronically ill and felt hopeless about their future! Most of them would never have functioned again. Fasting gave them a new fresh lease on life.

Allan Cott, M.D. noted in his book - Fasting, The Ultimate Diet that “75% of patients treated by fasting improved so remarkably that they were able to resume an active life!” 


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Introduction to Water

How to maintain water balance in the body throughout the day?



Always remember you have the following important reasons for following The Healthy Lifestyle:

• The ironclad laws of Mother Nature and God.

• Your common sense, which tells you that you are doing right.

• Your aim to make your health better and your life longer.

• Your resolve to prevent illness so that you may enjoy life.

• Make an art of healthy living; you will be youthful at any age.

• You will retain your faculties and be hale, hearty, active and useful far beyond the ordinary length of years.

• You will also possess superior mental and physical powers!

What Wise Men Say

Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life a firmness of mind and mastery of appetite. – Seneca

I saw few die of hunger – of eating, a hundred thousand.  – Ben Franklin

Govern well thy appetite, lest Sin surprise thee, & her black attendant, Death. – Milton

Thy food shall be thy remedy. – Hippocrates

Our prayers should be for a sound mind in a healthy body. – Juvenal cannot buy

Health is…a blessing that money cannot buy. – Izaak Walton

The natural healing force within us is the greatest force in getting well. – Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

Of all the knowledge, that most worth having is the knowledge about health!

The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person. – Herbert Spencer

Pure Water Helps Keep Body Clean Inside

To have a clean, healthy bloodstream and arteries free from encrustation and corrosion, we must not only eat correctly but also drink the right fluids. The liquids which go into our bodies must be pure and nourishing.

To begin with, we believe that every person should have the equivalent of 8 to 10 glasses of pure distilled water every day. It can be obtained in most supermarkets, grocery stores and health stores. If you cannot find it readily, look under water in the yellow pages of your telephone directory for local bottled water suppliers.

Distilled water has no inorganic minerals to deposit on the walls of the arteries and other pipes of the body. In contrast, most sources of well, spring and river waters all contain inorganic minerals and some even have toxic chemicals which cannot ever be utilized in the body chemistry. They corrode the human pipes just as they do the plumbing pipes which bring water into your home.

Hard Water Causes Hard Arteries

The human body has a vast piping system called the bloodstream. A healthy heart must have clean, open coronary arteries. The blood must be able to flow through them smoothly to nourish the heart and keep it pumping steadily and efficiently.

Suppose a person drinks only the hard chemicalized water (as most people do) and their pipelines become clogged and blocked by the inorganic minerals which can’t be absorbed into the body. Blockage in the coronary arteries that feed the heart reduces the amount of blood reaching the heart. When the blood supply is reduced enough, the affected parts of the heart cease to function. Heart attacks and even death may result when some sections of the heart muscle stop functioning.

Pure water is the best drink for a wise man. – Henry David Thoreau

Your Arteries Are Your Lifeline

Blockages can be life-threatening. They have serious health consequences that can occur not only in the heart’s arteries, but throughout the entire arterial system. If blockage occurs in the arteries going to the brain, a stroke occurs and paralysis and even death may result.

Arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, means that the arteries have become brittle and lost their elasticity due to injurious deposits in the artery walls. The entire pipe system may become so blocked that the blood carrying oxygen and nourishment to the cells of the body and its vital organs, cannot get through, or flow that does manage to squeeze through is insufficient.

Most people want to blame hardening of the arteries on their calendar years. But calendar years don’t put those inorganic minerals into the arteries. Time is not toxic and time is not a force that damages the body. Time is a measurement and nothing else. Don’t blame your years for your physical troubles! You can only blame yourself for not taking care of your miracle body that God has given you. (It’s seldom ever too late to change and improve.)

The Difference Between Organic and Inorganic Minerals

Inorganic minerals never lived and are inert . . . which means that they cannot be absorbed into the body!

Organic minerals are those which come from that which is living or has lived . . . and 16 of these organic minerals are essential elements of the human body. When we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable, that substance is living, for it has a certain lifespan after it has been picked. The same is true of animal foods, such as fish, milk, cheese and eggs. Animals obtain their organic minerals from plants. We humans obtain our organic minerals from both plants and animals.

Angina, allergies, asthma, back and joint pains, migraines, stomach pains and arthritis may all be symptoms of severe dehydration – which can easily be helped by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure distilled water daily! Start increasing your water intake today. Be water wise and health safe!

Only a living plant has the power to extract inorganic minerals from the earth and sun and change them into organic minerals. No animal or human can do this. If you were stranded on an uninhabited island where nothing was growing, you would starve to death. Although the soil beneath your feet would contain all 16 essential minerals, your body could not absorb them. Organic minerals are vital in keeping us alive and healthy, but inorganic minerals can stiffen, sicken and slowly kill us!

Hard Water is Unhealthy

For years we’ve heard people claim that certain waters were rich in all the minerals. What minerals are they talking about? Inorganic or organic? If they are inorganic, people are simply burdening their bodies with inert minerals which may cause the development of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder and acid crystals in the arteries, veins, joints and other parts of the body.

Most Americans’ bodies thirst for pure distilled water! Their bodies become sick, prematurely aged, crippled and stiff due to inorganic minerals and chemicalized water and lack of sufficient pure water!


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Safe water for Healthy life

Step out of the Stress Cycle and into a Healthy Life Cycle


Vegetable and Fruit Juices Contain Mother Nature’s Distilled Water

No new water has been put on the face of Mother Earth since it was originally formed. Just as the same energy is formed and re-formed, so the same water is used and re-used over and over again by the miracle of Mother Nature. Waters of the earth are purified by distillation. The sun evaporates the water which is collected into clouds. When the clouds become full we have rain and dew – pure, perfectly clean, distilled water, free of all harmful inorganic substances, until polluted!

Years ago, when the late Douglas Fairbanks, Senior, roamed the South Sea Islands for several months. During that trip came upon an island inhabited by beautiful, healthy Polynesians who drank only distilled water because the island was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Their island was based on porous coral which could not hold water – so they would only drink rain water or the fresh, clear, clean water of the green coconut. He had never seen any finer specimens of humanity than these native South Sea Islanders. There were several doctors on the yacht who thoroughly examined the most mature people on these islands. One heart doctor stated that he had never in his life examined such healthy, well-preserved people.

You may have noted we said only the most mature people were examined by the doctors. They were so completely unaware of age that no such word existed in their language! They never celebrated birthdays, so they were forever young – gloriously ageless, not only in years but in body. These older men performed as well in the vigorous native dances as the younger men. They were all beautiful human specimens because they lived their lengthy lives drinking only pure distilled water, eating natural foods and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

The great thing in life is not so much where you stand, but in what direction you are moving.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Koop warned Americans in a landmark 1988 report on Nutrition and Health that diet-related diseases account for 68% of deaths!

Why We Drink Only Distilled Water

Sadly, in some areas it’s no longer safe to drink rain or snow water because of man’s vast reach of polluting the air. But when you drink the fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, remember that all of this liquid has been distilled by Mother Nature and is 100% inorganic mineral-free. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain Mother Nature’s pure distilled water, plus important nutrients such as natural sugars, organic minerals and vitamins.

You will hear people say, distilled water is dead water; a fish cannot live in it. Of course a fish cannot live in distilled water for any length of time! It needs the vegetation that grows in rivers, lakes and seas. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t the very best of all waters to drink.

Another erroneous notion about distilled water is that it leaches the organic minerals out of the body. This is 100% false. It leaches out the inorganic minerals which you want to be rid of that cause painful health problems.

Distilled water helps to dissolve and flush out the terrible toxic poisons that collect in the bodies of modern man. This pure water helps to eliminate these toxic poisons through the kidneys without creating painful problems that inorganic pebbles and stones do!

Every liquid prescription that is mixed in any drug store the world over is prepared with distilled water. It is used in baby formulas and for many hundreds of other purposes where absolutely pure water is essential.

Distilled water is soft water. If you wash your hair in distilled water you will discover how soft it is.

There are water softeners being used in millions of homes because hard water is not ideal for washing clothes, dishes, etc. Please do not drink the water that comes out of water softeners! It’s not healthy water for drinking or cooking because of its salt and chemical content.

Try distilled water exclusively for a year, you will see the results and never drink hard water again!


• Heart • Muscles • Nerves • Circulation • Metabolism • Energy • Digestion • Assimilation • Sex • Bones & Joints • Elimination • Glands

The body is 70% water and pure, steam-distilled (chemical-free) water is important for total health. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Read the book, Water - The Shocking Truth, for more info on the importance of pure water.

Pure, distilled water is vitally important in following The Healthy Lifestyle. Water is the key to all body functions including: digestion, circulation, bones and joints, assimilation, elimination, muscles, nerves, glands, sex and senses. The right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of diseases and viral infections, such as influenza and pneumonia. It is a vital factor in all body fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and all glandular secretions. Water holds all nutritive 106 factors in solution, as well as toxins and body wastes, and acts as the main transportation medium throughout the body, for both nutritional and cleansing purposes! Distilled water is the world’s purest and best water!

It’s excellent for detoxification, fasting and cleansing of the cells, organs and fluids of the body because it helps carry away the harmful toxins, substances, etc.

Water from chemically treated public water systems - and even from many wells and springs – is likely to be loaded with poisonous chemicals and toxic trace elements. Depending upon the kinds of pipes used in the buildings, the water is likely to be overloaded with lead (from older, soldered pipe joints), zinc (from old-fashioned galvanized pipes) or with copper and cadmium (from copper pipes). These trace elements are released in dangerous quantities by the chemical action of the water flowing against the metals of the pipes.

Distilled water plays vital part in treatment of illness, arthritis, etc. - Dr. Banik

There is only one water that is clean and that is steam distilled water. No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as this water does. - Dr. James Balch, Dietary Wellness

The amount of water in the human body, averaging 70%, varies considerably and even from one part of the body to another area. A lean man may hold 70% of his weight in body water, while a woman – because of her larger proportion of water-poor fatty tissues - may be only 52% water. The lowering of the water content in the blood is what triggers the hypothalamus, the brain’s thirst center, to send out its familiar urgent demand for a drink of water

Water Percentage in Various Body Parts:

Teeth: 10%

Lungs: 80%

Bones: 22%

Brain: 75%

Cartilage: 55%

Bile:  86%

Red blood corpuscles: 68.7%

Plasma: 90%

Liver: 71.5%

Blood: 83%

Muscle tissue: 75%

Lymph:  94%

Spleen:  75.5%

Saliva: 95.5%

This shows why 8 glasses of water daily is important.

Ten Common Sense Reasons Why You Should Only Drink Pure, Distilled Water! 108

There are over 12,000 toxic chemicals on the market today . . . and 500 are being added yearly! Wherever you live, in the city or on the farm, some of these chemicals are getting into your drinking water. Beware of chemicalized water.

No one on the face of the earth today knows what effect these chemicals have on the body as they blend into thousands of different combinations. It is like making a mixture of colors; one drop could change the color.

Proper equipment hasn’t been designed yet to detect some of these chemicals, and may not be for years to come.

The body is made up of approximately 70% water. Therefore, don’t you think you should be particular about the type of water you drink?

The Navy has been drinking distilled water for years!

Distilled water is chemical and mineral free. Distillation removes all the chemicals and impurities from water that are possible to remove. If distillation doesn’t remove them, there is no known method today that will.

The body does need minerals . . . but it is not necessary that they come from water. There is not one mineral in water which cannot be found more abundantly in food! Water is the most unreliable source of minerals because it varies from one area to another. The food we eat – not the water we drink – is the best source of organic minerals!

Distilled water is used for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, prescriptions and baby formulas. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that it is good for everyone?

Thousands of water distillers have been sold throughout the United States and around the world to individuals, families, dentists, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and government agencies. These informed, alert consumers are helping protect their health by using only steam distilled water. They don’t want toxic chemicals.

With chemicals, pollutants and other impurities in our water, it makes good sense to clean up the water you drink using Mother Nature’s inexpensive way - distillation.


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What is Water Fluoridation? Is it Safe? Health Side Effects? Fluoride Facts by Austin Dentist


Toxic Substances Portal - Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine


Fluorine is a Deadly Poison!

Millions of innocent people have been brainwashed by the aluminum companies to erroneously believe that adding sodium fluoride (their waste by-product) to our drinking water will reduce tooth decay in our children. Americans get sodium fluoride in their drinking water without thinking about it. Sodium fluorine, a chemical “cousin” of sodium fluoride, is used as a rat and roach killer and a deadly pesticide. Yet this deadly sodium fluoride, injected almost by government edict into drinking water in the proportion of 1.2 parts per million (PPM), has been declared by the US Public Health Service to be safe for all human consumption.

Every chemist knows that such absolute safety is not only false and is truly unattainable, but a total illusion!

Keep Toxic Fluoride Out of Your Water!

Most of the water Americans drink has fluoride in it, including tap, bottled and canned drinks and foods! The ADA (American Dental Association) is insisting that the FDA (Food and Drug Association) mandate the addition of fluoride to all bottled waters! Defend your right to drink pure, nonfluoridated tap and bottled waters! Challenge and stop local and state water fluoridation policies! Call, write, fax or e-mail all your state officials and Congress people.

Websites about fluoride:

This Eleven Major American Associations Stopped Endorsing Water Fluoridation back in 1996

  • American Heart Association.
  • American Academy of Allergy & Immunology
  • American Cancer Society
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Action Network
  • American Diabetes Association.
  • National Institute of Law Municipal Officers
  • American Chiropractic Association.
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Society of Toxicology
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • American Psychiatric Association

Showers, Toxic Chemicals & Chlorine

Skin absorption of toxic contaminants has been underestimated and ingestion may not constitute the sole or even primary route of exposure - Dr. Halina Brown, American Journal of Public Health

Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to the latest research. Showers - and to a lesser extent baths - lead to a greater exposure to toxic chemicals contained in water supplies than does drinking the water. These toxic chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. People get six to 100 times more chemicals by breathing the air around showers and baths than they would by drinking the water - Ian Anderson, New Scientist

A professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh claims that exposure to vaporized chemicals in the water through showering, bathing and inhalation is 100 times greater than through drinking the water. - The Nader Report - Troubled Waters on Tap

Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. While it prevented epidemics of one disease, it was creating another. Twenty years after the start of chlorinating our drinking water in 1904, the present epidemic of heart trouble, cancer and senility began. - Dr. Joseph Price, Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine

Keep World’s Plant Seeds Alive – Not Sterile! Terminator Sterile Seeds Threaten Food Freedom!

Terminator seeds are sterile crop seeds patented and marketed by the Monsanto Corp. that have been biologically altered to sprout a permanently infertile plant. The large scale use of these seeds (which is underway in over 78 countries) could directly threaten the well-being of 1.4 billion people who now depend on food grown with fertile seeds. This would present a huge risk to the world because it could spread and sterilize all living plants, trees, etc. Farmers (and their neighbors, with plants ‘accidently’ cross-pollinated by Terminator plants) would be forced to buy new seeds every year. For many of these farmers financial ruin would result and bring on misery and famine for millions worldwide. Monsanto’s seed program has no benefits for the worldonly for the company’s pocketbook. Discover Monsanto’s fiendish plot to control the world’s seed industry. Websites: and

Five Hidden Toxic Dangers in Your Shower:

Chlorine: Added to all municipal water supplies, this disinfectant hardens arteries, destroys proteins in the body, irritates skin and sinus conditions and aggravates any asthma, allergies and respiratory problems.

Chloroform: This powerful by-product of chlorination causes excessive free radical formation (a cause of accelerated ageing!), normal cells to mutate and cholesterol to form. It’s a known carcinogen!

DCA (Dichloroacedic acid): This chlorine by-product alters cholesterol metabolism and has been shown to cause liver cancer in lab animals.

MX (toxic chlorinated acid): Another by-product of chlorination, MX is known to cause genetic mutations that can lead to cancer growth and has been found in all chlorinated water for which it was tested.

Proven cause of bladder and rectal cancer: Research proved that chlorinated water is the direct cause of 9% of all U.S. bladder cancers and 15% of all rectal cancers.

Don’t Gamble With Your Health - Use Shower Filter That Removes Toxins

The most effective method of removing hazards from your shower is the quick and easy installation of a filter on your shower arm. The best filter must removes chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, chlorine by-products, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and many other unseen toxic contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi, dirt and sediments. It has a 12 to 18 month filter life-span and the filter is easily cleaned by backwashing and replaced when needed. Start enjoying safe, chlorine-free showers right away. It’s essential to reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer and to ease the strain on your immune system. And you may even get rid of long-standing conditions - from sinus and respiratory problems to dry, itchy skin.

You Get More Toxic Exposure from Taking a Chlorinated Water Shower Than From Drinking the Same Water!

Two of the very highly toxic and volatile chemicals, trichloroethylene and chloroform, have been proven as toxic contaminants found in most all municipal drinking water supplies. The National Academy of Sciences recently has estimated that hundreds of people die in the United States each year from the cancers caused largely by ingesting water pollutants from inhalation as air pollutants in the home. Inhalation exposure to water pollutants is largely ignored. Recent shocking data indicates that hot showers can liberate about 50% of the chloroform and 80% of the trichloroethylene into the air.

Tests show your body Unwanted can absorb more toxic chlorine from a 10minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of the same water. How can Algae that be? A warm shower opens up your pores, causing your skin to act like a sponge. As a result, Carcinogens and toxins you not only inhale the toxic chlorine vapors, you absorb them through your skin, directly into your bloodstream - at a rate that is up to 6 times higher than drinking it.

In terms of cumulative damage to your health, showering in chlorinated water is one of the most dangerous risks you take daily. Short-term risks include: eyes, sinus, throat, skin and lung irritation. Long-term risks include: excessive free radical formation (that ages you!) higher vulnerability to genetic mutation and cancer development; and difficulty metabolizing cholesterol, causing hardened arteries. – Science News

The treatment of diseases should go to the root cause, and most often it is found in severe dehydration from lack of sufficient pure, distilled water, plus an unhealthy lifestyle!



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