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Heart transplantation (Video)

Heart Transplantation

Heart Transplant


Healthy Heart Fitness Pointers

A vegetarian diet is healthier. Instead of meat, eat unsaturated vegetarian proteins – such as soybeans, tofu, beans, raw seeds; sunflower, sesame, flaxseed, pumpkin and raw nuts such as almonds, pecans, brazil, hazel, walnut and pine nuts.

Use no salt -toss salt shaker

Eat no dairy products - milk, cheese, butter - high in clogging, saturated fats. (Use soy and rice milk products.)

If you want eggs, eat only 2 or 3 a week. Organically fed free-range chicken eggs are best.

Fruits and vegetables - organic, raw or lightly cooked - should form 60% to 70% of your diet.

Don’t use white sugar or the commercial substitutes, aspartame, etc. - they contain harmful chemicals. (Use raw honey and *stevia drops in place of sugar.)

STEVIA - World’s Healthiest Sweetner

Stevia drops (2 drops =1 tsp sugar) from a South African plant, helps regulate blood sugar and lowers blood pressure, but doesn’t affect normal blood pressure. Calorie-free Stevia is suitable for diabetics, safe for children and doesn’t cause cavities. It helps mental alertness, combats fatigue and improves digestion. See

Fast for 24 hour period weekly. This gives heart and vital organs a physiological rest. It will also help reduce cholesterol and toxins in the arteries.

A low-fat diet, ample exercise and brisk walking with deep breathing helps you keep cholesterol levels normal

Our Opinion of Heart Transplants

When the first heart transplants were announced the newspapers reported every detail. The average person wants to hear this kind of news. They always want the easy way out. If your heart goes bad, just have another put in! Sounds wonderful! Why take care of your heart when you can get a new one when the old one falls apart? The first experiments with heart transplants were, of course, done with animals. The medical researchers reasoned that if heart transplants would work on animals, they would work on humans. Dr. Barnard of Africa performed heart transplants on 50 dogs - all died.

Heart Transplants - Risky and Costly

If success were judged during the first 24 hours after the operation, it would have been rated a success. After 2 days, complications arose, the same rejection problems that could not be solved in the animal experiments. (Interesting: pigs and human hearts are similar in size, etc.)

The body survives in a hostile environment only because it can fight off the invasion by toxic poisons, bacteria, viruses and other foreign matter. The same mechanism attacks the transplanted heart and can slowly destroy it. This difficulty was apparent also in early kidney transplants, with a survival rate of 5% (today it’s 95%, but requires huge ongoing use of costly toxic drugs).

The major problem in heart and kidney transplants is tissue rejection. The body wants nothing to do with a foreign object – and that’s exactly how it views the new organ! No matter how healthy the new heart or kidney may be, it’s not a natural part of the body it’s being placed in (Example: wood splinter in finger).To date medical science has found nothing natural - only immuno-suppressant drugs - which helps overcome this rejection of new tissues or organs by the body, and in our opinion, never will.

According to Life Magazine cover story on heart transplants, the average wait for a new heart is 207 days, which jeopardizes the waiting patient’s health and results in hugh astronomical medical bills! A heart transplant operation will cost over $100,000 and to maintain it, will cost over $20,000 per year for life!

We wish that we believed these transplants will eventually work as well as your own healthy heart. (Doctors are planning to use pig hearts soon.) Today, scientific facts show that heart disease can be avoided.

A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul and a sick body is a prison. – Francis Bacon

We believe in prevention. We agree thoroughly with the American Heart Association when it says that the heart needs daily exercise and a healthy, balanced diet with ample fruits and vegetables in order to remain healthy.

Build Yourself a Healthy Heart

We do not personally believe in heart transplants. We believe that the first thing you should do is to live life so that you will not damage your heart. While outlining our Heart Fitness Program we have told you in detail about the vicious enemies of the heart. Know your enemies and keep away from them! If you have lived a haphazard life and have damaged your heart, we believe that you can still make a comeback and build a healthy heart for yourself. Remember that your body is self-cleansing, repairing and healing! Given the chance, it will do its best to rebuild a vigorous heart for you. But you must work with your body - not against it!

General public knowledge of the heart is crammed with fallacies as well as facts. Let’s consider some of these 172 misconceptions that we so frequently hear about:

Should the Heart Patient Always Rest?

No! The belief that a coronary always means the end of an active life is widespread - and quite wrong! Most coronary occlusions (heart attacks) involve only a small branch of the coronary tree or system of blood vessels. The blocked artery may be naturally bypassed by the collateral channels which lie unused in the heart tissues awaiting just this eventuality. The new circulatory route may be so efficient that the patient may have no disability at all after recovery! Your body is a miracle.

Certainly the process of healing is assisted if the body is rested during the acute phase of the attack. The degree and duration of any activities should be decided by your own doctor. Once healing is complete, however, further rest rarely achieves anything of value. To the contrary, it is likely to increase disability by adding the ill effects of physical unfitness and loss of self-confidence.

See your doctor if you’re resting heart rate is faster than 100 beats per minute.

Is Exertion Harmful After a Heart Attack?

This is a variation of the same theme as the need for rest and is usually just as wrong. The heart has enormous reserves of power which are seldom - if ever – used in ordinary living. It is this reserve which enables individuals to perform apparently superhuman feats in times of crisis or in an emergency. Athletes constantly call upon this reserve - the runner who covers a mile in 4 minutes, for example, or the 50-mile endurance swimmer.

The reserve power of the heart is not greatly decreased and is available for use even after many heart attacks. It should not be abused, of course. Generally, the heart patient who over-exerts himself will develop warning symptoms - some chest pain, angina and maybe even breathlessness. This is Mother Nature’s way of telling him to slow down. Similar symptoms, however, may be the result of physical unfitness, unusual stress or tension, or emotional upsets and fatigue.

The thing we want you to remember is that your body is always undergoing change. You are not now the same person that you were a minute ago. The body is always undergoing endless change, for better or worse. Every moment of your life old cells are being sloughed off and new healthy ones hopefully are taking their place.

The question you must ask yourself is, what kind of new cells am I making for my body? Am I building these new tissues with healthy food or unhealthy food?

If you drink alcohol, coffee, tea, cola drinks and eats refined white bread, refined sugar, salted or rich, fatty foods you are going to make weak body cells that will prematurely decay, causing you health problems! It’s all in your hands! We can only guide you to help yourself.

Stress and emotional turmoil can cause or worsen high blood pressure. Reduce stress through regular exercise, which should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle for various reasons, not the least of which is lower blood pressure and improved heart health.

If you have had a heart condition, start today to systematically and efficiently build a fit heart and strong circulatory system. Please don’t think a bad heart means a permanent farewell to those healthy activities which are a major part of the enjoyment of life – it isn’t!

According to studies done in the book, 8 Steps to a Healthy Heart by Robert Kowalski, life after heart problems can be rich and fulfilling, but only if the patient and his family take the steps needed to assure that recovery includes treatment of both mind and body. Attending a cardiac rehabilitation program is beneficial for both the patient and family members; there they can share their feelings with other patients who have gone through cardiac experiences. It bridges families together and gives support to those in need. Mended Hearts, Inc. is highly recommended and offers help, support, and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families. (See

Face the Challenge - Change Your Bad Habits

Face this challenge and start changing your bad habits of living into good, healthy habits. This is both a mental and a physical process. Your mind must control your body! Never let the body be in command! That is the duty of the mind. It must command the body to absolute obedience to its will. The whole person is at its best when mind and body work as a team. Then you can enjoy more Supreme Health!

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are. For you is what you eat! What you eat today will be walking and talking tomorrow. – Paul C. Bragg


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Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition

A balanced diet for vegetarians


Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s Famous Vegetarian Diet for Heart Patients

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was the founder and director of the great Battle Creek Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Michigan. Sick people from all over the world - even royalty - traveled there to be under his personal care. As soon as a heart attack victim was brought to the Sanitarium, Dr. Kellogg would put him on a strict vegetarian diet with the advice that this should be a lifetime diet. It was a strict, exclusively vegetarian regime consisting of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy products, no coffee, no alcohol and no salt were allowed.

Dr. Kellogg believed that this strict vegetarian diet was the only one which a heart sufferer should eat because it contained absolutely no cholesterol. It was also a salt-free diet. The only drinks allowed were herb teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and distilled water. Dr. Kellogg told that people who had come to him with serious heart damage had lived 175 as many as 50 additional years on a strict vegetarian diet.

Dr. Kellogg himself lived and practiced until he was well into his 90s. He was a strict lactovegetarian, eating only a small amount of natural cheese and 3 eggs weekly with the otherwise completely vegetarian diet which he advocated for his heart patients. At age 92 he was still performing delicate operations at his sanitarium. Today a great many doctors and nutritionists have joined him in recommending a vegetarian diet for all heart patients.


Every year hundreds of thousands of people become the victims of strokes. Although this disorder is frequently associated with the later years of life, this is not necessarily an affliction of old age. A few years ago, for example, a well-known English motion picture actress in her late 30s had a stroke. Sadly, this has become an all too common affliction for those in their 30s and 40s.

The elimination of body toxins and waste by fasting increases longevity. - Alexis Carrel, M.D., famous scientist

Unhealthy Lifestyles=Strokes and Heart Attacks

A stroke usually originates from the same causes as a heart attack. The arteries become clogged and narrow because of cholesterol and mineral deposits on the arterial walls, hindering the free passage of the blood. Pressure of the bloodstream trying to force its way through this blockage further irritates the walls of the arteries and creates conditions which give rise to blood clots. When a clot breaks off from the lining of the artery wall into the bloodstream it can slow or completely block the flow of blood. If a complete blockage occurs in the vital arteries that feed the heart muscle, the result is a heart attack or coronary thrombosis. If this blockage occurs in the cerebral arteries of the brain it causes a stroke, sometimes called a heart attack in the head.

After a stroke occurs the blood supply to a part of the brain is reduced or completely cut off. When the nerve cells in that part of the brain are deprived of an oxygenated blood supply, they cannot function and the part of the body controlled by these nerve cells cannot function either. The afflicted areas resulting from a stroke depend upon which part of the brain is affected and the seriousness or extent of the damage.

A stroke can be fatal. It can also produce paralysis of one side or a portion of the body or a single limb. A lighter stroke may cause difficulty in moving the arms or legs, in speaking or may result in a loss of memory.

After the stroke, the damaged nerve cells may recover or their functions may be taken over by other brain cells. Some victims may suffer such serious damage that it will take a dedicated effort to make even a partial recovery. It’s important that immediate attention to proper diet and exercise begins! We have seen miracles with stroke victims regaining full use of affected muscles. Physical therapy and massage treatment should be begun soon as possible to aid rehabilitation and speed recovery! Prolonged inactivity impairs the circulation and makes recovery more difficult. The victim can use his own hands (even if one hand) to massage affected areas 4 to 6 times daily and help bring them back to health.

Bright’s Disease - Dropsy, Swollen Legs & Ankles

When the small arteries of the kidneys are affected by this same blockage problem it produces a condition known as dropsy or Bright’s disease. The most noticeable symptoms are swelling of the legs and ankles. Although this painful swelling (called edema) does not always indicate Bright’s disease, this ailment is so widespread and insidious that it must be suspected and a physician consulted immediately. Whether the thickening and blockage process takes place in the heart, head or kidneys, it’s essentially the same disease. It is referred to as atherosclerosis by doctors. This means that the arteries that carry the blood are blocked with the hard, waxy trouble maker - cholesterol.

Prevention is Far Better than Cure!

. . . and generally more successful! That is why we keep stressing your living The Healthy Lifestyle! You must banish from your head the notion that age alone damages your heart and blood vessels. Remember that age is not toxic. It’s not a force, but a measure. Live so well that you will never suffer a stroke or a heart attack! You now know what your enemies are - tobacco, excess weight, stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol and cola drinks, fatty - unhealthy foods, sugars, table salt and salty foods and lack of daily exercise. Take heed and action!

Pacemakers Save Lives When Needed

Famous Doctor Earl Bakken pioneered the first transistorized pacemaker. Medtronic, the company he co-founded, has further developed the pacemaker for ailing hearts that has and is saving thousands of lives. Doctor Bakken and his lovely wife live in Kamuela, Hawaii where he is pioneering a holistic hospital that integrates natural healing therapies to bring the patient back to health. Stress puts an unhealthy strain on the heart. A UCLA study found 6 out of 10 heart patients had constricted arteries and reduced blood flow to their heart following any emotionally charged upsets or events.

Sponging the body with cold water and apple cider vinegar is an excellent skin tonic for helping with dropsy and Bright’s Disease. - Dr. John Christopher

Follow This Heart Fitness Program

This Heart Fitness Program is designed to help you build a stronger heart and a more youthful circulatory system. Mother Nature cannot be pushed or rushed - but if you will cooperate with her, you can have the heart of a lion. If you have a weak heart or weak pipes that are clogged, remember that it took a long time to get them into that condition. You must be patient with Mother Nature while the regeneration, rejuvenation and cleansing processes take place within your body.

A fit, youthful heart can be yours, if you are willing to work for it! No one else can make your heart strong. It depends entirely on you. Your eating habits, lifestyle and your physical activity will determine the type of heart and health you will enjoy.

Enjoy Positive Thinking and Positive Action

To have a healthy and powerful heart you must develop strong willpower. You must overcome all negative thoughts about the inevitable impacts that age supposedly ravages on the heart and body. Do not let cowards and weaklings influence you away from following this Healthy Heart Fitness Program! These fear mongers will try to impart their fear to you by telling you to go easy on exercise, fasting and life changes. Don’t believe them! Have faith in your ability to improve!

When following this Heart Fitness Program and lifestyle you are working with Science and Mother Nature. Don’t let unqualified people influence or deter you! Years of research and investigation have gone into the development of this Heart Fitness Program in order to provide you with a master plan for building a strong, fit heart for a long, fulfilled, healthy life.

Prevention is always preferable to the cure.

To our minds the greatest mistake a person can make is to remain ignorant when he is surrounded, every day of his life, by the knowledge he needs to grow and be healthy, happy and successful. It’s all there. We need only to observe, read, learn and apply. – Paul C. Bragg

Men do not die, they kill themselves. – Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Here’s a few of Dr. Kellogg’s famous Menus:

Menu #1 Breakfast

Natural Sun-Dried Apricots* topped with

Raw Wheat Germ and Sliced Banana or Orange (if desired)

(*soak in jar overnight in distilled water or unsweetened pineapple juice)


You may substitute any morning for a delicious energy breakfast. Remember to first earn your breakfast with some exercise.


Bragg Raw Vegetable Combination Salad Grated Raw Beet, Carrot, Cabbage, Zucchini, Chopped Tomato, Green Onions and Sprouts: Alfalfa, Mung or Sunflower

Healthy Salad Dressing made of Fresh Lemon or Orange and Olive Oil (Also try Flaxseed or Hempseed oil) with a dab of raw Honey

4 Cup of Raw Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds (rich in Protein and Natural Oil)

Raw Apple


Tossed Green-Leaf Salad with Raw Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley and Tomato

Protein – Tofu or Cooked Rice with Beans or Lentils

Fresh Fruit

Menu #2 Breakfast Here’s more of Dr. Kellogg’s famous Menus:

Apple Sauce*

Steel Cut Oats– hot cereal** served with Honey, Blackstrap Molasses, Pure Maple Syrup or Stevia.

100% Whole Wheat or Rye Toast

(*Make your own Apple Sauce, if desired add Honey)

(**Top and serve with Sliced Ripe Banana or other Fruit)


Raw Vegetable Combination Salad

(Same as 1st Day)

Vegetable Soup with Natural Barley and Lentils

Whole Rye Toast or Oat Bran-Raisin Muffin


Cabbage, Apple & Carrot Cole Slaw with Spring Onions

Brown Rice or Baked Potato with Skin Baked or Steamed Carrots and Peas

Fresh Fruit


Avocado, Red Onion and Tomato Salad

Steamed Asparagus or Broccoli

Raw Nuts of any kind

Fresh Fruit

“There is but one way to live and that is Mother Nature’s and God’s Healthy Way!”

Nutrition directly affects growth, development, reproduction, well-being and the physical and mental condition of the individual. Health depends upon nutrition more than on any other single factor.- Dr. William H. Sebrell, Jr.

Studies show both beta-carotene and vitamin C, abundantly found in fruits and vegetables, play vital roles in preventing heart disease and cancers.


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15 Foods That Are High In Potassium

WHO issues new guidance on dietary salt and potassium


Potassium Helps Strengthen the Heart

Take an extra 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 1/2 glass distilled water, twice daily between meals – good before exercise. But also enjoy your basic 3 vinegar cocktails daily. 

The heart is a large muscle and your master pump. It uses large amounts of potassium to keep going strong and healthy, hour after hour, for your entire life! It is the hardest working muscle in the body. The heart must have a constant, continuous supply of power and energy to continue beating. Apple cider vinegar contains natural potassium that combines with healthy heart foods to make the heart muscle stronger and also help to normalise blood pressure and cholesterol.

Potassium is the Master Mineral

Potassium is an essential mineral for the body because it puts toxic poisons in solution so they can be flushed out of the body. The body is self-cleansing, self-correcting, self-repairing and self-healing! Just give it the tools to work with and you will have a painless, tireless, ageless body, regardless of age! Forget calendar 181 years, for age, is not toxic! You age prematurely when you suffer from potassium deficiencies and malnutrition. This low Vital Force and waste buildup (poor elimination) allow disease to proliferate.

The Healthy Lifestyle will help you rebuild your Vital Force. Watch the transformation that will take place in your body when you faithfully follow such regime. You can, and will create the kind of person you want to be! It’s exciting to plan, plot and follow through!

Although you must follow this program closely, do not try to do everything listed here immediately. Remember, it took you a long time of living by wrong habits to cause any of the problems your body might have now. So, it’s going to take time for the body to cleanse, repair and rebuild itself into a perfect health home for you! Please remember, your body is your temple while on this earth – so cherish it and protect it!

Six Points to a Healthy Heart

We bring you not so much to help you as to help you help yourself. If we repeat certain points, it is with the zeal with which one taps a nail already driven home. Our main objective is to inspire you to a more intense enthusiasm for living The Healthy Lifestyle and health and to warn you against certain dangers which you may easily overlook. Throughout this text we have tried to strongly stress these 6 points:

1. You have but one heart and one life – you should take care of these priceless treasures!

2. Your body must obey the commands of your mind, for flesh is dumb and needs a health captain!

3. Every bad habit that weakens your heart and shortens your life must be broken and then banished forever!

4. You should demand of yourself a higher living standard for more health, peace of mind and happiness!

5. You should regard your body as you would a fine instrument or precision machine whose care and control is in your capable hands!

6. You must draw closer to Mother Nature and God so as to keep your life simple as 1,2,3 as your years increase!

Let us, then, throw ourselves into their loving and understanding arms! Try to understand and follow Their wise laws and live as They want us to live – in superb health for a long, active life of helping this world to be a better, safer, healthier place for us all.

The Complete Naturalist

The complete naturalist’s goal is to identify so completely with Mother Nature that self and the world become one. To do this, keep your life simple as 1, 2, and 3, filled with peace, joy and love. Then with serene, clear-eyed confidence put you into Mother Nature’s and God’s hands to run your machine, heal your hurts and comfort you in sickness and adversity. When your time and usefulness on Earth is ended, you’ll be called home for eternity in heaven. Psalm 23 is soothing and positive.

Let your body be nourished by natural food, pure distilled (rain) water, fresh air and gentle sunlight. Exercise and relax your body and let Mother Nature do the rest! Treat your body with the same care and wisdom that you would a champion animal. Surely as your animal will take prizes, so will you! It is easy to sneer at health-minded, back-to-nature people. We who believe in God and Mother Nature will enjoy long, happy, healthy lives.

Get Close to Mother Earth and God

It is good to establish contact with Mother Earth, her soil, water, air and the sun. Let your bare feet grip into the soft grass and to feel soft mud or sand and squish it between your toes! We love the gentle sun (before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m.) and air baths with few clothes on. We love exercising, stretching, walking and swimming on the beach beside a sea, lake or river. Keep in close touch with Mother Earth and God, letting their strength and virtue pass into you through your skin and bare feet! Modern living can complicate our lives with hot house living conditions! The man was a healthier, happier creature when he lived simpler and closer to Mother Nature.

Just stand on any big city street and watch the people rushing past. You will see that 3 out of 4 of them are probably sick, fat or physically unfit. Very rarely do you see a super healthy specimen! Don’t be like the average sick or half-sick person. They have never known the real thrill of healthy living! Most people today are addicted to some kind of chemical substance such as tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol, cola drinks and even some drugs. People turn to drugs when their vitality hits bottom. When health is gone, vitality goes with it and the zest for living. These lost souls turn to drugs in an effort to get false thrills and kick out of life.

CoQ10 Combats Heart Disease, Cancer, Gum Disease and Ageing:

Dr Stephen T. Sinatra’s CoQ10 recommendations:

• 90-120 mg daily as preventive in cardiovascular or periodontal disease

• 120 to 240 mg daily for angina pectoris, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and gingival gum disease

• 240 to 450 mg daily for congestive heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy – Dr Stephen T. Sinatra, author, CoQ10 Phenomenon

Follow the Laws of Mother Nature and God

In the past, it was the middle-aged and older people who felt they had to seek drugs or other artificial means to hang onto life. Now, tragically, young people are using drugs of all kinds. They are throwing away their natural vitality and turning their backs on Mother Nature. Now youths have become candidates for heart attacks. The heart is damaged by these stimulants and depressants. The further we get away from living according to The Laws of Mother Nature and God, the sicker we get physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

One of the dominant themes of this book is the idea that building a powerful heart at any age is a gradual return to a more natural form of living. Use natural healthy foods, vigorous exercise, deep breathing, restful sleeping, loose clothing and beautiful simplicity of life to reach a closeness to Mother Nature and God that makes you almost one with Them! You will never have a weak, sick heart if you live close and in partnership with them. When you can feel the same strong, pure, elemental forces that manifest themselves in a pine tree expressing themselves in you, then you are on your way to positive, strong health principles.

Begin to live as Mother Nature and God wants you to live. Try to feel that They claim you and that you are part of all the glad and growing things on this Good Earth! Put yourself into Mother Nature’s and God’s hands. We are all eager to aid you on the path to Supreme Health!

It’s Up To You To Be Happier and Healthier!

Actions speak louder than words and can elevate your mood if you feel depressed. Take a walk and do slow, deep breathing – it helps you sort out and solve problems. Spend time with children – it simplifies life and puts everything in perspective. Find the comics in the newspaper or something funny to read and laugh about. If someone is upset, try to analyse the situation from that person’s perspective. Make yourself physically smile and laugh; it opens blood vessels in the back of your head to physically lift your mood. Choose to be happy in spite of circumstances. No one “makes” you happy – it’s an attitude you self-create from within. – Paul C. Bragg

Open your eyes so you may behold wondrous things out of thy law. – Psalm 119:18

Time flies but remembers you are your human vehicle’s navigator.


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The Art of Longevity - Video

The art of longevity

The Art of Longevity


The Art of Longevity

The best recipe for a long life is to keep living The Healthy Lifestyle. There is no substitute for this!

Consider each day a little life in it - make it as perfect and well-rounded as you can! Try to have a stronger heart and better health on your next birthday than you have today. By living supremely for the moment you are living superbly for a long, healthy, happy future!

You must always be self-aware of your life! The moment you relax your guard the enemy is ready to rush in and smite you in your heart. True, with luck, you may live long without trying, but you will live longer and better if you exert an effort. Living for Longevity is an art. The person who deliberately sets out to prolong their days has a healthy chance of doing just that!

Forgetfulness of self may make the time go like magic, but it does not help build a strong heart and keep you youthful. Inattention to yourself and the carelessness that results is extremely dangerous! As you live longer you should grow less objective and more subjective. The more self-centered you are, the better you will conserve your precious health resources. Longevity often belongs not to those who forget themselves for others, but to those who are most health conscious of themselves and their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

This may seem to give the long-lived a positive, strong, at times selfish character. Not at all! Without healthy nourishment, we cannot aspire to fulfil our dreams. To seek to prolong one’s life is to extend one’s term of usefulness and service. We aren’t advocating you prolong your life at the expense of others! Rather, we suggest that you live a long, healthy life so that you may be more useful to others, as well as to yourself!

It’s important for people to know what you stand for. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for. - Mary Waldrip

May your years be 120. – Genesis 6:3

Do You Show Signs of PREMATURE AGEING?

Is everything you do a big effort?

• Have you started to lose your skin tone? Muscle tone?

• Do small things irritate you? Are you forgetful? Confused?

• Have voices begun to fade?

• Has your vision started to dim?

• Do you wobble a little when you walk?

• Do you get out of breath when you climb stairs?

• How limber is your back?

• Do your joints creak?

• How well do you adjust to cold and heat?

• Ask yourself this important question: Do I seem to be slipping and not quite like myself anymore? If the answer to this question is "Yes," You had better do something about it!

Dear friend, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health even as the soul prospers. - 3 John 2

Secret of Longevity - Organized Resistance

The secret of longevity is to understand that the enemy is not your chronological age. Premature ageing is preventable! You must put up a strong defence against ageing. There are a few, of course, who are born with such wonderful constitutions `they simply can’t kill themselves. You might find a few octogenarians who say they owe their long life to smoking, alcohol and avoiding exercise. You can tell them confidently that they could extend their lifespan by a good 20 years by living a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific longevity is organised resistance. It is based on knowledge of the body and the laws of health. Above all, it means reliance on Mother Nature. She abhors ill health, which is another name for toxic poisoning and clogged pipes. She is always striving to purify and to vitalize. She wants to help you if you will only let her. Medicine, drugs and doctors will do you no good if Mother Nature is not backing them up.

Heart Disease is Your Greatest Threat

Remember that you must always defend yourself against coronary thrombosis (heart attack), stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries), atherosclerosis(blockage and clogging of the arteries by cholesterol and other debris), angina pectoris, varicose veins and other cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) diseases. Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are the #1 Killer in the United States taking more than a million American lives each year - more than all other causes combined! And never forget that you must also guard against stiffening joints, fibrous tissues, deafness, blindness and many other enemies of health and life.

All this means that there must be a little slowing of activity. We believe the advice grow old gracefully is wrong! Mother Nature and God will eventually decree the end - but until then it’s far better to live life as youthfully as possible! You are as old as you feel – so feel young! When you abide by Mother Nature’s Laws, you feel younger! By trusting in and obeying her laws, understanding your miracle physical machine and how to care for it, you can live a long, youthful, healthy, happy life.

Old Age is Not Inevitable - Scientists Say Man Should Live to 140 to 185

It seems to us that what we call old age is the result of sluggish cell action in the body. The cells are being renewed all the time by the moisture in the lymph circulation, just as a tree is renewed all the time by the circulation of its sap. But if the cell is clogged in any way by toxic deposits which it cannot be completely rid of - chiefly because of poor circulation of the blood - it cannot then make full use of the building material brought by the lymphatic system or the nourishment and oxygen delivered by the bloodstream.

On the basis of what we have done with rabbits, we have come to the conclusion that if we can do the same thing for a man, he can live a healthy and normal life until the age 185! A waxy material, cholesterol, is deposited on the arteries and there is a correlation between age and the amount of cholesterol deposited. In tests of 52 rabbits, we have been able to reverse the symptoms of old age! Says a brilliant Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Biochemistry Professor, Dr W. M. Malisoff, who did extensive research there.

Biologists tell us that man grows an entirely new body every 11 months. That being the case, why does mankind age? Scientists answer this by saying that the body fails to shed all of the old cells. As we stated earlier, deposits in the cell prevent its full use of the new material. So instead of living 7 times the period, it takes him to mature, as most animals do, man’s life is unnaturally shortened by his unhealthy lifestyle. Sad facts!

Confirmation of this statement comes from Dr Serge Veronoff of Paris, France, who says that each of us should live to be 140 years old. A human being matures at 20 years of age. Mother Nature constructed the human machine to live 7 times that age, or 140 years. The fact that some men and women even today have been able to reach or surpass the age of 120 years and have then died of some disease seems to prove the validity of the 140-year lifespan without disease as natural.


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Heart Disease Statistics

Heart Disease Facts

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) - WHO


1st Cause of Death – Coronary Disease

Deposits in the arteries retard the circulation of the blood. The speed and efficiency of the bloodstream have a great effect upon the prolongation of life. It is the bloodstream which provides the entire body with the required nourishment and oxygen before it removes harmful substances for elimination. Slowing of blood circulation, loss of elasticity of blood vessels and disturbances of the machinery which regulate the distribution of blood are among the most important causes of the shortening of life, vigour and health.

In our opinion, there is no physiological principle limiting health or human lifespan. We believe that radiant health and youthfulness is within reach, but it must be earned. This is your life! It is your sacred duty to yourself, Nature and God to learn now and how to keep your body healthy and fit for a long lifetime.

The 1st cause of widows and widowers in the United States is coronary (heart) disease. Remember our discourse of cholesterol and the fact that high cholesterol levels are invitations to heart attacks? Statistics show that cholesterol levels in American men and now women also, increase rapidly between ages 30 and 65. Be on guard! Cholesterol should be tested by all twice a year.

Women before the age of 50 used to be much better protected against degenerative artery disease than men. Today women have almost achieved an unfortunate equality by developing heart attacks and strokes with nearly the same frequency as men. The scientific theory that female sex hormones play an important part in providing protection against the harmful menace of atherosclerosis is apparently true – but not powerful enough to offset the deadly effects of an unhealthy lifestyle! As soon as menopause starts in women, the protection of these sex hormones ceases, they claim, and they become just as susceptible as men to heart attacks and strokes. It’s important; women of all ages should not neglect their heart health.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Living is Slow Suicide

Just because you are feeling fine does not mean that you can afford the risk of continuing to choke your bloodstream with the high cholesterol diet typical of most people in our modern civilization. Bacon and eggs, meat and potatoes, pies and cakes, bread with butter or margarine, milk and ice cream, all the rich foods that most men and women crave are slow poisons to your heart and circulatory system. Remember that these poisons work silently and insidiously. Their effect may not become evident until you suddenly have a heart attack. Always remember the words of Dr Paul D. White: – that death from a heart attack is not sudden it’s been building up for years!

Your Family’s Life is in Your Hands

We would like to suggest to everyone that you reread. Dr White’s warning and that you take it seriously.

If you want to keep your family alive, work on them to 190 exercises every day as you watch what you feed them and yourself. You may be shortening the lives of your family with too many fattening and highly saturated foods. Their lives are in your hands! You prepare and put the food on the table for your family to eat. You will learn how to keep your family in perfect health. Follow the instructions we provide later and soon you and your family will discover a startling increase in vigour and vitality, with a sense of well-being.

Remember that young people can also die of heart disease! Teach your children how to eat correctly. Give your family more fresh salads, more lightly steamed vegetables, more fresh fruit desserts. Eliminate the gravy (it’s loaded with cholesterol). Eliminate dairy products. Enjoy healthier soy, rice and nut milk. Serve delicious herbal teas such as mint, alfalfa, chamomile, lemon balm, and anise seed and banish coffee and the salt shaker from your table.

Enjoy Lighter, Smaller Vegetarian Dinners

It seems to be an American custom for people to eat their biggest meal in the evening. From a standpoint of heart attacks, this is the worst time to eat a big meal . . . especially a meal with a preponderance of fat. It has been definitively established by researchers that the blood is more likely to clot 2 to 8 hours following a meal with a high fat intake. It would, therefore, seem logical to avoid heavy meals – particularly in the evening – to minimize the chances of intravascular clotting. The occurrence of a heart attack after eating a heavy meal has been recognized by doctors for years. Just think how often you read or hear about a man in his prime dying of a heart attack during his sleep at night.

Retired people, of course, can regulate their mealtimes easily. Business people can dine at an earlier hour in the evening and can certainly regulate their diet to promote their health and prolong their lives.

A light healthy vegetarian meal is ideal for evenings. It can begin with a raw combination salad with lemon and olive oil dressing. Follow it with 2 lightly cooked vegetables such as string beans, zucchini, peas, corn on the cob, kale, okra, vegetable chop suey, etc. Several nights a week add a baked potato – but do not drench this potato in fat!

Now we are not telling you that the price you must pay to avoid a heart attack and live a long life is to give up the good flavour. Not at all! As mentioned previously, delicious French dishes, soups, salads, potatoes, veggies, etc. are world famous and among the best heart-healthy recipes. A good French chef rarely uses salt and cooks with very little fat. The secrets of French flavour lie in the use of herbs, garlic, olive oil, onions, green peppers and mushrooms.

I’ve seen sickness and asthma disappear completely in response to major shifts in diet and lifestyles, such as eliminating sugar and meat and switching to a healthier, vegetarian diet. – Dr Andrew Weil,

Prevention is always preferable to the cure!

192 Chinese Recipes Promote Heart Health – America’s Coronary Disease Rate is Ten Times Higher than China!

The Chinese have a low cholesterol, low-fat diet – in sharp contrast to the high cholesterol, high-fat diet found in the United States, Canada and the more prosperous countries of Europe. Pathologists, scientists and medical researchers have produced overwhelming evidence that when blood cholesterol and fats are high, the arteries suffer from a greater degree of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis has always been a “disease of the rich”.

Only those who could afford rich, fatty foods have been the heart attack and stroke victims. The heart and blood vessel degenerative diseases have historically been associated with royalty and wealth. Cholesterol was found in the mummies arteries of the Pharaohs of Egypt, whose diet was far richer than their subjects.

Today we have millions of people in our Western industrialized countries who can easily afford rich foods. You hear and read about the affluent society and its blessings. But this affluence is exacting a high price in atherosclerosis and the nearly epidemic number of heart attacks, strokes and cancers now happening worldwide.

Millions of people living in China and other Asian countries are rarely afflicted with heart disease. Their main dietary item is and has been for centuries, one of the most healthful of all vegetables: the soybean. Soybeans contain a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, two good preventers of heart disease.

The basic Chinese diet consists of rice and lightly cooked vegetables, with meat used only as an occasional flavouring. When you order chicken or beef chop suey in a Chinese restaurant, you always get a plentiful dish of vegetables such as celery, onions, green bell peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and soy and bean sprouts – flavored by only a very small amount of finely sliced chicken or beef and a dish of rice. No bread and butter are served at an authentic Chinese Restaurant.

You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do. – Patricia Bragg


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