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(5) Parents & Kids

 The saddest people I`ve ever met in life are the ones who don`t care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there`s nothing to make it last.

Nicholas Sparks

Parents and Children Today


Build Your Capacity to Create a Loving Home

What would happen if even one generation were raised with respect and without violence?

Gloria Steinem

Your home is where your children learn the most elemental lessons of human life-how to take care of their own needs and how to contribute to taking care of the needs of others. Home is a foundation for your children’s future relationships as spouses, life partners, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, good friends, community members, co-workers, and stewards of the planet. And home is a sanctuary to protect your children so they can learn lessons of caring and contribution at their own developmental pace and with your support, guidance, and respect.

A loving home is free of fear, which is the source of all conflict. It is a place where children trust that their needs matter and that everyone’s needs-theirs included-will be considered and cared for. They can then relax into the life that calls them forth with such urgency-and find their place in the net of giving and receiving that forms a family, a community, a nation, and a world.

Our texts are primarily about parent-child relationships. The processes and suggestions for improving respect and co-operation apply to all ages of children and are also very effective in communicating with adult family members. Each our papers will contribute to a parent’s growing capacity to create a respectful, loving home.

 Respect & Co-operation: What Parents Want and How to Get It

Respect and co-operation are high on the list of what parents tell us they want from their kids. Perhaps you are among the many parents who have an automatic voice alarm that periodically goes off in the midst of an argument and says, I really want more respect and co-operation from these kids!

Perhaps you are among the many parents who wonder what in the world is going on to prevent you from getting the respect and co-operation you want. After all that you do for your kids, aren’t these simple things to ask for?

Well, yes-and no. Respect and co-operation are simple because they are basic needs you have. On the other hand, setting up the conditions to get them requires more attention than you might think.

 We have found that you can tap into a flow of mutual respect and co-operation if you arewilling to do the following:

  • Remember that your children learn what you are living.
  • Co-operate with your children.
  • Value your needs and your children’s needs equally.
  • Look at your assumptions about children.
  • Develop and practice the 7 keys that are at the core of respectful parenting.

Though moms and dads talk a lot about respect and co-operation, we find that confusion surrounding the terms is rampant. When asked, parents aren’t quite sure what they mean each time they use the words; they can even mean different things at different times. And, to top it off, the ways parents go about trying to get respect and co-operation often backfire because they haven’t been able to show their kids either respect or co-operation-at least in the way our papers presents the terms.




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