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(15) Bipolar Disorder


5 Types of Bipolar Disorder


Are there different types of bipolar disorder?

Other bipolar disorder diagnoses are:

• Bipolar II disorder

• Cyclothymic disorder

• Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified

Bipolar II disorder is characterized by episodes of hypomania and major depression. In contrast bipolar I, bipolar II is diagnosed only if there is a history of both major depression and hypomania. Bipolar I can be diagnosed with a history of just mania. If there is no history of major depression, but episodes of mild depression are present.

Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified is reserved for when there are bipolar features but full criteria are not met for another specific diagnosis. For example, bipolar disorder could be diagnosed in the presence of recurrent hippomanic episodes without a history of depression. It is also diagnosed when there is very rapid alternation of mood states that do not meet the duration criteria for each condition (one week for mania and two weeks for major depression).

In addition to the types of bipolar disorder, there are also qualifiers for the bipolar I and bipolar II diagnoses.

The rapid cycling qualifier is given when there are more than four episodes of a manic, hippomanic, major depressive or mixed episode in a one-year period.

Other qualifiers are used to describe the severity of the episode, presence or absence of psychosis, postpartum onset, the longitudinal course, and stage of remission.



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