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Bipolar Disorder



This course is about a mood disorder that is so commonly discussed in the media of late-bipolar disorder. Although this disorder is not as common as depression, the number of bipolar disorder diagnoses appears to be rising, mainly because of new research and consideration of symptoms that do not meet the full criteria for bipolar but do have many similar symptoms that cause significant impairment. Such symptomatology may comprise other bipolar categories that are considered part of the “bipolar disorder spectrum.” 

(16) Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder. Sex, Hyper sexuality, High Libido.


Are there any blood tests or other tests for bipolar disorder?

No objective tests are available for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Some tests such as blood tests or brain scans measure levels of certain chemicals or look at brain functioning.


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(17) Bipolar Disorder


The Importance of Good Sleep for Those with Bipolar Disorder


 I can’t sleep and have racing thoughts. I thought I was just really anxious, but now wonder, could I have bipolar disorder?

Many symptoms people experience occur in a variety of conditions described in the DSM-IV-TR. Anxiety is a term that connotes a feeling of psychic discomfort.


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(18) Bipolar Disorder


What is schizoaffective disorder?


What is the difference between bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder?

Strictly speaking, bipolar disorder is classified as a mood disorder and schizophrenia as a psychotic disorder.


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(19) Bipolar Disorder

"In a flood of words, surely some mistakes".

Chinese Proverb


 Bipolar Disorder. Sex, Hyper sexuality, High Libido.


I feel happy and productive. How can I have a mental disorder?

There are several possible answers. First, you have no mental disorder and someone is over-pathologizing your upbeat, get-up-and-go attitude.


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(20) Bipolar Disorder

What Happens During a Manic Episode?


My husband is depressed and has mood swings. Could he be a manic-depressive?


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