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Bipolar Disorder



This course is about a mood disorder that is so commonly discussed in the media of late-bipolar disorder. Although this disorder is not as common as depression, the number of bipolar disorder diagnoses appears to be rising, mainly because of new research and consideration of symptoms that do not meet the full criteria for bipolar but do have many similar symptoms that cause significant impairment. Such symptomatology may comprise other bipolar categories that are considered part of the “bipolar disorder spectrum.” 

(21) Bipolar Disorder

"Up/Down" Bipolar Disorder Documentary FULL MOVIE (2011)


I became irritable and agitated on my antidepressant. My doctor thinks I have become hippomanic. What does that mean?

Bipolar disorder can be diagnosed only if someone has a history of at least one manic (bipolar I) or hippomanic (bipolar II) episode. Sometimes a person’s first episode of a mood disorder is that of depression, and therefore a possibility exists that a depressed individual really has bipolar disorder.


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(22) Bipolar Disorder

Dolores Price - A case study in Cyclothymic Disorder

Cyclothymia graph

I have been diagnosed with cyclothymia. Does that mean a quicker recovery?

Cyclothymia is a more chronic, less severe form of bipolar disorder. By chronicity, it is meant that the mood states (either depression or hypomania) are more sustained than in bipolar disorder.


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(23) Bipolar Disorder

  Bipolar : A Manic Depressive illness

 sex mania

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. What do I tell my family and friends?

Although there is a greater understanding in society about both bipolar disorder and unipolar depression, stigmatization continues to exist and there can be concern about what to share about the condition with your family and friends.


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(24) Bipolar Disorder

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder


Who is qualified to diagnose and treat bipolar disorder?

In general, the need for medication when diagnosed with bipolar disorder is far greater than with depression. Bipolar disorder is much more complicated to treat medically and therefore this should be your primary concern when seeking a qualified clinician.


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(25) Bipolar Disorder

Compulsive Lying Disorder

Bipolar Biobank Helps Identify At-Risk Patients For Early Intervention — Mayo Clinic

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder




What are the risk factors for development of bipolar disorder?

The concept of risk is a modern one. The word risk derives from the Italian riscare, meaning “to dare.” Before such a concept was developed, the future could be predicted only by consulting the gods, prophets, or astrologers, and when bad things happened, they were attributed to fate.


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