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Understand and Prevent Anxiety Course

(26) Anxiety

 What is self-soothing, and how does it help anxiety?

We all resort to any manner of behaviors to deal with our anxiety. Generally speaking, these behaviors might be referred to as self-soothing. Some self-soothing behaviors serve more strategically than others. Some patients will choose to exercise, cook a good meal, meditate, take a warm bath, get a good night’s sleep, or contact an old friend to comfort themselves when anxious.


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(27) Anxiety

How are guilt and shame part of anxiety?

Shame and/or guilt go hand in hand with anxiety. These emotions are old, primitive lodestars in our development. It is commonly thought that guilt serves as a more evolved feeling than shame.


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(28) Anxiety

How can my culture shape the way I experience anxiety?

Culture plays a role in the presentation of one’s anxious symptoms in the same way that an organism always responds to its particular niche.


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(29) Anxiety


Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks


How does anxiety affect my personality?

In seeing anxiety as a disorder (e.g., “he has panic attacks” or “he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder”), we miss other ways in which anxiety can shape a personality.


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(30) Anxiety


Alfred Adler News Film


What if I fear inadequacy?

Classically known as Alfred Adler’s term, “inferiority complex,” the fear of inadequacy characterizes much of human behavior and much of anxiety.


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