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Understand and Prevent Anxiety Course

(36) Anxiety


Pregnancy & Anxiety


Is my rage related to anxiety?

Aggression is one of the most common responses to anxiety. Bar fights, stalking behaviors, sexual violence, road rage, or abuse of prisoners all come to mind.


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(37) Anxiety


Depression and Anxiety during Pregnancy


Can anxiety affect my or my spouse’s ability to get pregnant?

 Regrettably, some doctors deliver bad news badly. This delivery can occur in obstetric infertility clinics as much as in any other specialty. Telling a woman that she is sterile or a man that he has a low sperm count can be devastating, especially since a couple that has not been able to conceive often wants a child more than they have ever wanted anything in their lives.


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(38) Anxiety


How To Conquer Performance Anxiety


What is sexual anxiety?

Not surprisingly, sexual relations are a common medium through which people experience and express anxiety. Avoidance of sexual activity is one of the most common manifestations of sexual anxiety. Patients who do so may have a particular phobia of sexual intercourse and try to keep themselves safe from dangers they imagine will occur in a sexual situation.


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(39) Anxiety


HOCD - Horrified to be gay (or staight)


What if I am anxious that I might be gay?

 Another sexual anxiety is homosexual anxiety. Discussing sexuality in general, or homosexuality and bisexuality in particular, can make people uncomfortable, if not frankly anxious.


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(40) Anxiety


Anxiety Overview


What if I am nervous about what I am going to do with my life?

This question provokes waves of anxiety, not just in individuals but in their families and cultures. As humans, we all ask what we are meant to do with our lives, and when doing it, we ask how it matches with what we think we want. People who love their work invariably feel better and happier than those who do not.


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