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Understand and Prevent Anxiety Course

(41) Anxiety

Working Through Emotional Disorder

Overcoming Anxiety and Perfectionism


What is the role of perfectionism and procrastination in anxiety?

If we experience a fear of inadequacy, we fear that our efforts will be viewed as imperfect. These fears speak to our wish to perform ideally. In an extreme form, we become perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive. The wish to be flawless can be so powerful that, paradoxically, it leads us to procrastinate.


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(42) Anxiety

Anxiety Relief Practice


What if I feel totally helpless?

 You are not alone, as feeling helpless is such a common feeling in dealing with overwhelming anxiety. It is important to remember that even though you may feel helpless, you do not have to continue to feel that way.


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(43) Anxiety

Fear Of Commitment Signs


What if i fear commitment?

People have anxiety about all kinds of interpersonal commitments. By simple decision theory, saying “yes” to one option means saying “no” to another. Jokes help to alleviate the gravity of this fear in our culture.


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(44) Anxiety

Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety


What is the relationship between grief and anxiety?

Hurricanes hit; cancer strikes; drunk drivers run over loved ones. Real calamity characterizes life. These losses can devastate, leaving a lifelong impact. We might ask how we will be able to go on, or how to fill such a hole as has been left in the wake of a particular loss.


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(45) Anxiety

 When Anxiety Attacks


What if my doctor tells me I will die soon?

Learning that one will die soon can be the most devastating news to hear. Depending on the psychology of the listener, many reactions can follow, ranging from total rage and panic to a type of serenity and pressure to finish one’s business in this life.


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