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(45) Breast Cancer


Breast Check - Breast awareness is as easy as TLC (Touch Look Check)



There are now many books available about cancer and its treatment, and more on complementary therapies or ways of reducing stress and increasing well-being.


A browse through the health section of a large bookshop or your local library will help you to select a book which suits you. Always check when a book was published to make sure the information is up-to-date and also the qualifications of the authors so you know that the content is from a reputable source.



If you venture onto the world-wide web you need to be selective: using key words such as ‘breast cancer’ or ‘breast cancer treatment’ will produce thousands of sites. Some of these are extremely good but others list ineffective or harmful therapies, often expensive or not available in the United Kingdom. Good starting points in the United Kingdom are Breast Cancer Care or Cancerbackup and other general or specific cancer organizations.  Another might be the American Cancer Society, although treatments and opinions on how some cancers should be treated vary on different sides of the Atlantic.


Again, you should look at the source of the information and when it was last updated.

If you find something on the web that you think may help you, print it off and discuss it with your doctor or one of the staff caring for you. They will be able to give you advice about whether it is available, appropriate for you, and effective.


The organizations represent a range of national information sources and support networks for people affected by breast cancer. Local libraries and telephone directories may provide further information about regional or local sources of support. We include a list of national professional bodies who set standards for complementary therapists and who can provide information about qualified therapists in your area.


Breakthrough Breast Cancer is the leading charity committed to fighting breast cancer through research, campaigning and education. Our work - funding scientific research; campaigning for improvements in access to diagnosis, treatment and care; and promoting breast awareness and breast screening to encourage early diagnosis – aims to fulfill our vision of a future free from the fear of breast cancer for everyone. For more information on breast cancer or a free copy of our booklets on breast cancer risk factors, having a family history of breast cancer or Breakthrough’s Best Treatment Guidelines phone us or visit our website.


Breast Cancer Campaign is the only charity that specializes in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the United Kingdom. It aims to fund research which looks at improving diagnosis and treatment, better understanding how breast cancer develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.



Breast Cancer Care is the UK’s leading provider of information, practical assistance and emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer. Every year it gives support to over 20,000 people with breast cancer or breast health concerns through their helpline, peer support and other direct services. In addition it is contacted almost two million times a year through its publications, website and outreach work. All services are free.

Breast Cancer Care is committed to campaigning for better treatment and support for people with breast cancer and their families. For information, emotional support and details of services, call the free helpline.

Breast Cancer Care’s website has an email enquiries service called ‘Ask the nurse’, along with forums and live chat sessions where you can share your views with people in a similar situation. For more information about these services and other online support visit the website. In addition, BCC centres provide one-to-one support and other services, including Healthy Living days, living with Secondary Breast Cancer courses, HeadStrong for people experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy, and Younger Women’s Forums for the under-45s.

Breast Cancer Care also has a wide range of publications to guide you through from diagnosis to living well after treatment. You can download or order these from the website or call the helpline for booklets, factsheets or a printed order form.



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