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Breast Cancer



Understanding and Prevent Breast Cancer

30. Dealing with change

The doctors say my operation was a success and everyone is pleased with my progress but I can’t look at my scar without flinching and I can’t accept the changes in my body. Is this normal? How long will it take to adjust?

Your reaction is both normal and natural. Most people go through a period of adjustment to change and the time this takes varies from person to person. It often helps to talk about how you are feeling - with your partner, family and friends or one of the staff caring for you.


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31. Practical Matters

Can I drink alcohol now my treatment is over?

Yes, and in fact you may have been told you could have a drink during treatment if you wished. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a drink, but avoid having too much alcohol for the good of your general health.

Is it OK to go swimming after treatment?


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32. Making Contact

Now all my treatment is finished and I’m not going back to the hospital so often, I feel really alone. Who can I talk to?


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33. Life with and after breast cancer

 Having breast cancer is probably going to affect the way you lead your life, both during and after treatment. You may feel a wide range of emotions when you are told you have cancer and when you are going through treatment. The reactions of people close to you, such as friends or relatives, may also affect you.


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34. Life after breast cancer - Practical Help

I’ve always been a person who gives help, not asks for it. Now I have breast cancer, how do I ask for help?


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