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Breast Cancer



Understanding and Prevent Breast Cancer

35. Life after breast cancer – Smoking, Exercise and the Sun


I’ve got breast cancer. Should I stop smoking?


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36. Holidays

Can I go on holiday straight after having treatment?

Usually, yes. It can be very beneficial to get away and rest in order to build yourself up again. However, you may find you still have some side effects and so you may want to wait a little longer before taking a break.


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(37) Breast Cancer

Life after breast cancer - Sex and Relationships

Does having breast cancer mean I have to stop having a sex life?


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(38) Breast Cancer

 Life after breast cancer - Contraception and Fertility

I’ve had breast cancer treatment. Can I still take the contraceptive pill?


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(39) Breast Cancer


Should I tell my boss and my colleagues that I’ve got breast cancer?


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