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Cardiovascular Disease

Undestanding and Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

25. Heart Failure - Treatment

I have been told that I have heart failure but was also informed that I will not need treatment for some time; why not? And, if I have to have treatment in the future, what might it consist of?


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26. Palpitations

The medical word for palpitations is arrhythmia (pronounced ‘ay-rithme-ar’) meaning a change in the beating rhythm of the heart. All of us feel the heart pounding away when we have to run for a bus, have seen an exciting film or had a fright: this is the normal response to exertion or excitement which causes the adrenaline in the blood to increase and stimulate the heart to beat faster. Being aware of the heartbeat, when there is no obvious explanation, can be alarming and lead to anxiety and panic, all of which makes the situation worse.


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(29) Cardiovascular Disease

Palpitations -Tests

I have been to the doctor because I was so worried about these rapid heartbeats that occurred. He has given me a little machine to record any attacks that I get in future. Can you tell me more about this please?


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(30) Cardiovascular Disease



I have a very stressful job and find that I get really nervous. My heart seems to miss a beat when I am stressed or anxious. Is there anything that can help me?


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(31) Cardiovascular Disease

 Atrial Fibrillation

 I have just had a test for irregular heartbeats and been told that I have atrial fibrillation. What is this?


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