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Cardiovascular Disease

Undestanding and Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

(32) Cardiovascular Disease

Tests for atrial fibrillation

My doctor has told me that I have will have to undergo some tests to check to see whether I have atrial fibrillation. What will this involve?


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(33) Cardiovascular Disease

Treatment of atrial fibrillation

 What sort of treatment is there available for me now that I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? Can I just be treated with medication?


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(34) Cardiovascular Disease

Other abnormal Heartbeats

Two or three of my friends now have a pacemaker. Although I have ‘funny’ heartbeats, I have not been offered one. When are they used?


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(35) Cardiovascular Disease


Heart Disease and Heart Attacks



 My wife has suffered from blackouts recently. Can you tell me what these are and what causes them?


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(36) Cardiovascular Disease


TAVR Transfemoral Animation

Valve 3

 Valve disease

Sometimes heart valves become diseased, so a brief account of valve problems and their treatment is provided here.The heart contains four valves which are designed to make sure that the blood flows one way only. Disease of the valves will distort the normal function of the heart. The two valves that are the most important are the mitral and aortic valves and these are the most commonly affected.


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