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Understand and Prevent Depression

16.Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disease in which there is a falling off of the numbers of nerve cells in the pigmented cells (substantia nigra) in the brain stem.


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17. Stroke

Depression is common after strokes - maybe 40% of people who have a stroke will become clinically depressed.


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My husband came off his motorbike 3 months ago. He was knocked out for a few minutes. He went to the Casualty Department and they said his X-ray was normal. However, he has not got back to his old self and is tired all the time. He can’t cope at work. Could this be depression?


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(19) Depression

Other medication and depression

I’m on lots of tablets for other health problems, and I’ve been getting very depressed. Could any of my other medication actually cause depression?

Yes, they certainly could. One way of checking if any of your other treatment could be affecting your mood is by reading the (very) small print on the slips that come with your medication.


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(20) Depression

Self-help – At home

We all have our own ways of dealing with depression. Suggestions are divided into the following:


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