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Understand and Prevent Depression

(31) Depression

 First Talk-What is a Good Psychotherapy Session and Why?


Other forms of therapy Psychotherapy (counselling)

What is psychotherapy?

It is ‘talking treatment’ or, more precisely, as Dr Anthony Storr defined, it is ‘the art of alleviating personal difficulties through the agency of words and a personal, professional relationship’. The professional relationship is established with the object of removing, or modifying, existing symptoms, disturbed ways of behaving, and helping to bring about a positive development in your personality and social life. It leads to an understanding and acceptance of us. The treatment takes place in a safe setting at a time and location set aside for it, with an expectation of confidentiality.

What types are there?


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(32) Depression

 Adverse drug effects and effective therapy for depression


What therapy works best?

Without a doubt, cognitive behaviour therapy is the best researched psychotherapy. This is almost certainly because it is much more easily measurable than other sorts of therapy.


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(33) Depression

Neuro Linguistic Programming Demonstration


Neurolinguistic programming & Interpersonal therapy (IPT)

 Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is an intriguing form of selfdevelopment, started in California in the 1970s. It is described as ‘a way of making your experiences more pleasurable, your communication more effective and rewarding, your influence more widespread, and your beliefs more contextually appropriate.’


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(34) Depression

Alternative Treatments for Depression: Do They Work?


Alternative (complementary) medicine

We explain what these terms mean, and discuss the results in United Kingdom of the House of Lords’ enquiry into the value and quality of these treatments in general. There is good evidence about one particular herbal remedy for the treatment of depression – St John’s wort – and we discuss its benefits, its potential interactions and adverse effects.


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(35) Depression

St. John's Wort Benefits Emotional Health


St John’s wort

 Are there any herbal remedies for depression?

There is now good scientific evidence that extracts of a herb called St John’s wort are as effective as imipramine, a standard conventional antidepressant drug regarded as a benchmark for comparison in antidepressant medication. Some of the research is a little dubious, but there is evidence that it can be effective in mild to moderate depression, if taken in adequate dosage.


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