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(3) Diabetes

Treatment without insulin

Knowing about the right type of food and the amount that you can eat is important.

Most of the questions we have included help explain the general principles but people’s diets are very individual, so do ask for help and further explanations from your own diabetes advisers and dietitians. It is particularly important to have an opportunity to review what you are doing about diet on a regular basis. If you are looking for new ideas for meals, there are now many helpful recipe books written especially for people with diabetes.

Most people with diabetes, and especially parents who have a child with diabetes, long for a miracle cure.

 This explains why we have been sent so many questions about unorthodox methods of treatment. We have tried to answer these questions in a sensitive manner but there is no escaping the fact that, for a child, insulin is the only miracle cure and that is how it was regarded when it was discovered in 1921.



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