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Fast Food Facts 2, Nutrition & The American Obesity Nation


The food label can help you make healthy food choices

Suppose you’re in the dairy aisle of a supermarket trying to select a carton of milk. You want to watch your fat intake, so you have narrowed your choices to reduced-fat 2% milk or nonfat milk.


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(47) Nutrition


15 Nutrition Myths You Want to Know TODAY!


On the Label: The Daily Values

Unlike  the  DRIs,  which  are  precise  recommended amounts of each nutrient that you should eat, the Daily Values  (DVs)  listed  on  the  Nutrition  Facts  panel  are general  reference  levels  for  the  nutrients  listed  on  the food label.


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How to Read a Nutrition Label For Dummies


On the label: label claims

In the 1980s, the savvy Kellogg Company ran an ad campaign for its fiber-rich All Bran cereal reminding the public of the National Cancer Institute’s recommendation to eat low-fat, high-fiber foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight.


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Functional Foods Explained


Nutrition in the Real World

Functional Foods: What Role Do They Play in Your Diet?

Have you ever eaten broccoli?

Odds are that you have, but you may not have known that you were eating a functional food. In fact, some people have even called broccoli a superfood.


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Nutrition: dietary reference values


Two Points of View

Are There Problems with the Design of MyPyramid?

For many consumers, nutrition students, and educators, MyPyramid is a useful guide for assembling a complete, healthy diet.


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