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Ask for guidance first


Sometimes things seem like good ideas and aren’t, really. - Piglet

Self-will is a tricky thing. So are impulse behaviors.

We’ve heard of impulse buying-making purchases quickly and without thought, based on momentary impulse.

It’s easy to get caught up living our lives that way, too.

So often, we run off in the heat of the moment.

Spontaneity is good.

Saying yes to life is good, too. But impulse living can get us into trouble.

We can overreact to a problem and then sit in a heap of regrets.

Sometimes, the next step presents itself clearly, in a flash of inspiration.

Sometimes, we’re meant to go forward and not let our fears and negative thoughts hold us back.

Sometimes, we’re acting on impulse and may end up sabotaging ourselves.

Ask for guidance first.

It takes only a second to check the map and see if the turn we’re thinking of making is where we really want to go.

God, show me what your will is for me. Show me if the decision I’m about to make is in my best interests or if there is a better path for me to explore.


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