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Exercise your brain.


13 Brain Exercises to Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

Exercising your brain can improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to medical studies.

• Challenge your brain by doing old routines in new ways. Brush your teeth with your other hand. Take a new route to work.

• Do crossword puzzles or other brain-teasers.

• Learn a new language.

• Learn a new computer program.

• Practice or take up playing a musical instrument.

Brainteaser: How does your brain make sense of this? Doog gnileef. Reverse the order and you’ve got “feeling well”!

Work out at work.


A workout at work?

These simple exercises from the book Office Yoga will help you feel better no matter what kind of work you do:

• Arm stretch. Hold your arms out to the side. Stretch with your fingertips to the opposite walls. Breathe and relax.

• Phone stretch. While you talk on the phone, stretch your legs out and rotate your ankles and feet. Notice your attention increase as you stretch.

• Stop what you’re doing once an hour and stretch for a few moments.

• Exercise during your lunch break. Take walks or join a nearby gym or fitness center.

Feeling Good


The fact is, we could all take better care of ourselves-physically and emotionally. For some of us, that may mean getting more exercise, losing weight, or eating a healthier diet. For others, it may mean learning how to make time for the people we care about or learning how to manage stress so we have the energy to meet the challenges that come our way each day. What are some of the things you can do every day to feel better in your life? Look back to the questions on the quiz for some answers. If you answered “No” to any of the first five questions, these are the areas to work on with your physical health. If you answered “Yes” to any of the last five questions, these are the areas to pay attention to with your emotional health. Feeling good involves taking care of both your physical health and your emotional needs. Think about how you might pay better attention to your overall well-being. Is it by eating a healthier diet? Making more time for fun in your life? Getting more exercise? Renewing your spiritual self? Next, jot down on your agenda the things you can do to help your body and mind feel better, using as your own ideas. “Whether we live to a vigorous old age lays not so much in our stars or our genes as in ourselves,” writes Harvard physician George Vaillant in his helpful book Aging Well. Take care of yourself. Maintain close friendships. And choose to feel good even when things aren’t wonderful. Experts agree that these are the secrets to successful aging-and to feeling good throughout your life.

Start your day off right.


Breakfast boosts memory, improves your mood, and can help control your weight. A number of research studies have found that students who eat breakfast score higher on tests. The same is true for adults. People who eat breakfast also are generally thinner. Start the day with a healthy breakfast like high-fibre cereal or oatmeal and a glass of juice. If you’re not much of a breakfast eater, try having a “smoothie” for your morning meal-blend a banana, low-fat yoghurt, and orange juice together. New research shows eating a nutritious breakfast every morning may improve memory in healthy elderly people.

Cut back on caffeine



Coffee tastes great and it’s safe to drink in moderation. But too much caffeine can make you irritable. It can also upset your stomach and disturb your sleep. Medical experts recommend that you consume no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. That’s the equivalent of about two cups of brewed coffee. Start feeling better today by moderating your intake of coffee, caffeinated tea, and soft drinks with caffeine. Which has more caffeine? An 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee or brewed tea? The answer is an 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee.


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