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Life After Breast Cancer



Breast cancer seems ubiquitous. Most of us have yet to meet any person professionally or personally whose life has not been touched by breast cancer. These words are common: “I know someone who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.”

(16) Life after Breast Cancer

Q&A: Oophorectomy following breast cancer treatment


What is a risk-reducing oophorectomy, and will it affect my sex life?

Women with breast cancer who have a genetic predisposition for the development of ovarian cancer because of BRCA gene mutations may opt to undergo a risk reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, or voluntary removal of the ovaries.


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(17) Life after Breast Cancer

Perfect Scars - breast cancer scars video


My scars are large, red, and ugly. What can I do?

Sometimes surgery can leave large, unsightly, or red scars; most take approximately 1 year to heal. If you scar terribly, discuss your concerns with your provider.


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(19) Life after Breast Cancer

Side Effects of Radiation Therapy After Breast Cancer



Which radiation-related side effects can impact my sexual desire?


Some side effects of radiation therapy include loss of hair on the scalp and/or in the genital area and diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Some women may lose their eye lashes and eyebrows. Obviously, if you are having specific complaints, you may not feel sexy or in the mood for sexual activity.


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(18) Life after Breast Cancer

Mastectomy and Reconstruction - Expanders after Breast Cancer


My scars are erotic. Am I normal?

Yes, scars can be erotic, and the area may have heightened sensitivity. Having concern about your scar being erotic is also normal. Discuss your concerns with your provider and your partner!


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(20) Life after Breast Cancer


Latest Information on Chemotherapy


How does radiation affect the skin on my breast? Will these changes be a turnoff to my partner?

Radiation therapy may cause redness, dryness, thickening, contractures, or changes in skin colors or texture. Expert sources at WebMD suggest that it is normal for the redness and sensitivity to persist for up to 1 year after therapy.


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