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(7) Pearls of Wisdom

Bob Dylan- With God on Our Side


CI Has No Race or Gender

Creative Intelligence -CI is clearly not a person and cannot be described in human terms. It is neither male nor female, nor does it belong to any particular race, cultural group, or nationality. This presents a problem for speakers of English because there we do not have inclusive terms for he and she, him and her, his and hers and so on. The closest gender-neutral terms are it and its, so these are the terms I shall use. How do you feel when the Higher Power is referred to as ‘it’? What does this tell you about your religious and cultural conditioning?

 CI Is Impartial

CI does not discriminate and it does not take sides. It is there for all and willing to give to all. The idea that it favors one side or another in war, sport, business or any other activity is deeply ingrained in some cultures, but CI works the same for everyone irrespective of gender, nationality, colors, or creed. How is it supposed to choose between a boxer who prays to Jesus and one who prays to Allah? Or a businessman who prays to the Hindu gods rather than Jehovah?

Listen to the Bob Dylan song, ‘With God on our Side’. (You’ll find the original version on his album The Times They Are a Changin’.) This song exposes the absurdity of believing that CI plays favorites!

 CI Does Not Intervene Directly In Events

 CI does not exercise power - it is power, an ever-present and silent power. It is part of us, and we are part of it. There is no separation between us (although we do have the ability to think of ourselves as separate). CI cannot intervene directly in events any more than it already does because it is already fully involved. It maintains an orderly universe by laying down and putting into effect the laws by which everything functions. It is not independent from us but works through us, as illustrated by the following story.

What More Could I Have Done?

The river had burst its banks and flooded the town. The family had little choice but to move upstairs. That morning, they heard a voice. They looked out of the bedroom window. A man in a rowing boat was beckoning: ‘Come, quickly, climb in.’

‘Thank you,’ said the parents, ‘but that’s alright. God will save us.’ The boat moved on. The flood waters continued to rise and had almost reached the window when a motor launch appeared. ‘Climb in,’ called the pilot, ‘I’ll take you to safety.’

‘That’s OK,’ said the parents, ‘but we trust in God. He’ll save us.’ The launch left, and the waters continued to rise. The family was climbed onto the roof.

A helicopter appeared. A voice called, ‘we’re letting down a harness, attach it to yourselves and we’ll haul you up.’ ‘No thanks,’ said the parents, ‘If it’s God’s will, He will save us.’ The helicopter flew off; the family drowned.

When they arrived at the gates of heaven, they were greeted by God. ‘We believed in you: why didn’t you save us?’ they asked. ‘I sent a rowing boat, a motor launch, and a helicopter,’ replied God. ‘What more could I have done?’

 We influence Creative Intelligence

The only limits placed on our ability to draw energy from our Source are our lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to learn and then apply what we know. We live in an intelligent universe, and that intelligence flows through us all. Because our minds are part of this intelligence, it influences us continually. But it is not a one-way process; we also influence it continually. We do it through the activity of thinking. Whenever we focus our mental energy on something by giving it our attention, we affect it. We are in a very real sense co-creators, with CI, of our world. The wonderful state of being in which we consciously work with CI to bring our ideas into manifestation is achieved by raising our awareness. This starts with building spiritual ideas into our consciousness. Putting them into practice then ensues naturally, and the desired outcomes result.

 Stay Connected

Some years ago in an experiment, some apples were placed in a barrel. Most were loose, but a few were still attached to the apple tree. A month later most of the loose apples had gone rotten. Those attached were still alive and fresh. They had continued to take in the life force from the tree. As long as we stay connected to our Source, life energy and intelligence flow through us. In reality, we can never be separated from our Source; however, we can think of ourselves as separate, and when we do, we weaken the connection, enfeeble ourselves, and, if we continue, prematurely wither and die.

How good is your connection to your Source? Do you fill your mind with thoughts which lower your energy and weaken your Spiritual Power? How badly do you want to change?

 The same stream of life that runs through the world runs through my veins day and night and dances in rhythmic measure. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth into numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of flowers.

- Rabindranath Tagore





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