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(8) Pearls of Wisdom

Wisdom of the Buddha


Strengthening Your Connection To Your Source

Your link to the Source lies where creative energy flows into your body and into your consciousness – in your mental field or mind. Making the connection requires no special rituals or formality. You connect to the

Source by:

  •  Turning your attention to your higher things – this is entirely within your control, providing you practice;
  • Spending time in silence, stilling your thoughts and bringing them back to the here and now;
  • Seeking spiritual understanding – spiritual understanding grows as you affirm truth and allow it to influence the way you think, speak and behave;
  • Developing and trusting your intuitive powers.

 An Exercise To Awaken Your Spiritual Power

Do this twice a day for four weeks. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax.

Imagine yourself infused with Source energy. What does it feel like? How is your life different? Know that you are one with this originating Source. Now affirm: ‘I am a manifestation of Creative Intelligence. Every moment its life, wisdom, and power flow into and through me. As it works in me, I am strong and at peace.’ Write this affirmation on a card and carry it with you. Speak it often with conviction as you go about your activities.

 Every living being possesses the seeds of enlightenment. Living beings do not need to seek it outside of themselves because all the wisdom and strength of the universe is already present within them.

-The Buddha

 How the universe works

As we have seen, the universe is not run by blind forces. It is regulated by a field of intelligent energy. We have difficulty grasping this concept because the world appears so fickle and our untrained minds, dominated by the five senses, obscure the truth behind the appearance. Consider a waterfall. Water cascades and sends spray everywhere. It appears chaotic, but every drop moves according to laws of motion which can be observed and measured. Similarly, the universe, which appears so turbulent to the casual observer, operates according to laws which are just as timeless and reliable, and work for our good. These laws have always existed, but we have not always been aware of them. For instance, there is no more electricity in the world today than ten thousand years ago, but it could not be harnessed until someone identified the laws by which it functions.

‘Law’ implies a rule which is unchanging, unyielding, and continuous, established and enforced by some power. Whatever is ‘law’ today was the same yesterday and will be forever. Humans are not responsible for carrying out the laws which govern the universe, and we can do nothing to change them in any way. But we can learn about them and apply them. And just as we understand many physical laws, many spiritual laws are already understood, and no doubt others - physical and spiritual - are waiting to be discovered.

Spiritual laws apply to all and can be counted on 100%. When we honor them, we grow in wisdom, love, creativity, personal power and all the other things that characterize Creative Intelligence. When we think positively, we grow in mental strength, and when we act lovingly and show kindness to others, we feel fulfilled.

 All The Troubles of Humanity Have Their Origin in Disregarding Law

When we understand the laws and work with them, we thrive; when we ignore them, we experience a measure of physical or psychological pain. Ignorance is no excuse: they work even if you have no knowledge of them, and if you break them inadvertently, the results are the same. Hopefully the time will come when the spiritual laws are understood and applied by everyone to create a better world. In the meantime, your challenge is to understand and place yourself in harmony with them. There are hundreds of known spiritual laws. The main ones which are discussed in this book are the Laws of:

  •  Cause and Effect
  • Attraction
  • Growth/Expansion
  • Non-resistance
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Reciprocity



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