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Excuses Not to Improve Your Life

The Best Motivation Video 2015 - EXCUSES

Why The “Stop Making Excuses” Slogans Annoy Me (And How To Improve Your Life Instead)


It is unfortunate that so many people in our society accept blaming others and making excuses as valid tools to explain their shortcomings and predicaments in their lives. In fact, people fall in love with their excuses for why they are stuck in their present positions and why they are getting nowhere in life.

Although many people actually believe their own excuses, these individuals don't realize that most excuses serve absolutely no valuable purpose.

Excuses are lies, false statements deliberately presented as being true, meant to deceive others and the excuse-makers themselves.

Excuses are used to cover up such things as laziness, low self-esteem, and the fear of failure.

To be sure, excuses are easy to fabricate.

These are some of the favorites that others use: If I weren't married with children; if I had a higher education; if I had nicer parents; if the economy were better; if I had more breaks in life; if I weren't so far in debt; and if my nose weren't so long.

Perhaps you need some new excuses - besides the ones you already have - to convince yourself that you can't improve your life for the better.

Luckily for you, I can help.

I used to be an expert at making excuses and even earned my Master's in Excuse-Making before I gave up excuses so that I could have a better life.

Here are a few gems that even David Letterman would like:

Top Ten Excuses Not to Improve Your Life

1. I don't believe people can have a really good life unless they are offspring of Edison or Einstein.

2. I once had a nosebleed and I am afraid of getting more if I put more effort into improving my life.

3. George W. Bush would think I was unpatriotic if I gave up my lousy job in corporate America and pursued my dream job.

4. Finding a dream job that I love may be too relaxing - I think I feel more comfortable tense.

5. I am three-times divorced and my conservative estimate is that I have at least twelve kids.

6. I prefer to live in the past because most of my life has been spent there.

7. I have arthritis, and although I know people with much more serious disabilities have been extraordinarily successful in their lives, I don't think they know what it is like to have arthritis.

8. Although my life is boring and sad, I kind of like it - I may actually be addicted to boredom and sadness.

9. My dog died and I need to get another one real fast.

10. I am afraid of becoming a member of a better class of people.

No doubt these should be more than enough.

You may find some of the above excuses handy for explaining all your shortcomings in life particularly when you don't want to take responsibility for having created these shortcomings.

My point is best made by a Jewish proverb: "If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another."

Let’s be honest.

All of us are good at justifying why we haven't been more successful in life.

I have likely done it at least 10,000 times myself and still fall into the trap at one time or another.  

Alas, no one is ever remotely happy with the results attained from excuses; we hurt only ourselves with excuses.

If you create a great excuse why you aren't able to accomplish something important in your life, you will be shipwrecked even before you get aboard.

Fact is virtually all excuse-makers progress at the same speed just like all procrastinators wait at the same speed.

Moreover, there is no time like the present to use an excuse to postpone what is difficult, but important.

But you must not postpone what is important. For instance, if you are no longer inspired by your job, if you are not learning something new and exciting every day, you must escape your job before you become brain dead.

No excuses! Mark Twain once pointed out that "There are 1,000 excuses for every failure but never a good reason."

Excuses are convenient, but as always, there is a dark side to anything convenient.

Individuals who are not able to get rid of excuses find it virtually impossible to succeed in the long term.

On the flip side, people who don't use excuses succeed at a lot more things than they think they can - and end up making a tremendous difference in this world.



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