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(6) Pearls of Wisdom

deepak chopra - love


Evil Has No Substance

If there is only one power working in the universe, and that power is good, then evil has no inherent substance. Of course ugliness, violence, hatred, and all manner of undesirable things appear in the world, but these do not create themselves. They are simply an absence of good things like beauty, peace, kindness, and love. We must stop thinking that evil exists as an independent power working in our lives, because thinking it makes it an active force in the world. Consider this: there is no such thing as darkness, only absence of light. We can have dim light, ordinary light, bright light . . . but darkness is no light. Only light is real.

Similarly, evil is the absence of good. It has no substance and cannot create of its own accord. Would an intelligent creative force build in to its design disease, war, poverty, and unhappiness? No, these are human-made, the result of ignorance and destructive actions. CI is good. It flows through everything, therefore everything is inherently good. Evil is the result of cutting ourselves off from this, our Source energy.

 Creative Intelligence is the Source of Everything

CI is the Source of everything. It is the energy that created you from a handful of cells and grew you into a fully formed human being. It governs the cycle by which water becomes steam, which becomes clouds, which condense and fall as rain, which enables plants to grow and animals to thrive, before once again turning to steam. It governs the cycle of birth, life, and death by which matter returns to the earth and becomes new life.

The universe is sensitively balanced to make life possible. A miniscule variation either way would bring life on Earth to an end (some say it is already doing so). Air turbulence over the North Pole changes global weather patterns. A burning tree in the Amazon forest affects air quality in London and Paris. A ball thrown into the air anywhere requires an adjustment to be made in space. A whale harpooned off the coast of Norway eventually disturbs the balance of life in the Pacific. If the conditions which sustain life were changed by the tiniest degree, there would be no animals or plants as we know them, and no humans trying to make sense of it all.

If this endless cycle of creativity suddenly came to an end, everything - including us - would immediately cease to exist!

 One day a farmer came across a rambler resting in one of his fi elds. ‘What a beautiful farm,’ said the rambler, taking in the view. ‘Just look at the fields of golden corn, the vegetables growing, cows grazing peacefully. God has been very good to you.’

 ‘Yes he has,’ replied the farmer, ‘but you should have seen it when he had it to himself!’

 CI Is Bountiful and Giving

Creative Intelligence knows what we need and is willing and able to supply all our needs, without limit. Nature is copious. It gives, gives and then gives more. A single grain of wheat can multiply until it fills a prairie and a handful of small mammals populate a meadow. Apple seeds that germinate produce thousands of apples. If humans did not interfere, fish would fill the oceans, the skies would be full of birds, and plants and trees would grow in abundance, all sustained by an infinite source of supply.

Everything is created in abundance with no thoughts of scarcity. There is unlimited energy in the universe, and all of it has the potential to manifest into physical form. Moreover, the universe, directed by CI, is expanding. CI, the power that flows through everything, is actually becoming even more abundant!

 CI Gives Ideas

CI communicates with us. It transmits ideas. When received and acted upon, these ideas are transformed from their invisible, formless state into physical form. This is what is meant by ‘manifestation’. Many great thinkers knew all about this and gave the credit for their brilliant insights to this ‘infinite intelligence’. They knew they could tune into this higher form of consciousness at any time and gain inspiration. Manifestation begins when creative ideas are sown into our minds. The ideas which come from CI are not limited by time and space, past experience, beliefs, emotional programming, or any of the other shortcomings of the human mind. We’ll have a lot more to say about this in later sections.

 CI Is Loving

 Love is the greatest power in the universe. It blesses and heals, nurtures and brings out the best in us. It encourages us to act from the highest motives so we can become agents for good in the world. This loving Presence (sometimes referred to as Grace) operates on our behalf regardless of whether we deliberately seek it and whether or not we believe in it. Its desire to express through us is so strong that we always reap more than we sow, even if we have not earned it, simply because all are expressions of the one loving Source.

Again, imagine if this were not so. What would happen if CI were capable of hating its creation? Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

 Amazing Grace

 The hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ was written by John Newton (1725-1807), a British sea captain who had once commanded a slave ship. Gradually the cruelty of his activities dawned on him until in 1748 he experienced a religious conversion when his ship nearly foundered in a storm. Soon after, he left the sea for good. He spent the last 43 years of his life as a pastor in a small village, and toured the country preaching. He is said to have influenced William Wilberforce, who led the campaign to abolish slavery. ‘Amazing Grace’ tells the story of his inspired awakening.

 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now am found,

Was blind but now I see.

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,

And grace my fears relieved.

How precious did that grace appear

The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,

I have already come.

’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,

And grace will lead me home.



(7) Pearls of Wisdom

Bob Dylan- With God on Our Side


CI Has No Race or Gender

Creative Intelligence -CI is clearly not a person and cannot be described in human terms. It is neither male nor female, nor does it belong to any particular race, cultural group, or nationality. This presents a problem for speakers of English because there we do not have inclusive terms for he and she, him and her, his and hers and so on. The closest gender-neutral terms are it and its, so these are the terms I shall use. How do you feel when the Higher Power is referred to as ‘it’? What does this tell you about your religious and cultural conditioning?

 CI Is Impartial

CI does not discriminate and it does not take sides. It is there for all and willing to give to all. The idea that it favors one side or another in war, sport, business or any other activity is deeply ingrained in some cultures, but CI works the same for everyone irrespective of gender, nationality, colors, or creed. How is it supposed to choose between a boxer who prays to Jesus and one who prays to Allah? Or a businessman who prays to the Hindu gods rather than Jehovah?

Listen to the Bob Dylan song, ‘With God on our Side’. (You’ll find the original version on his album The Times They Are a Changin’.) This song exposes the absurdity of believing that CI plays favorites!

 CI Does Not Intervene Directly In Events

 CI does not exercise power - it is power, an ever-present and silent power. It is part of us, and we are part of it. There is no separation between us (although we do have the ability to think of ourselves as separate). CI cannot intervene directly in events any more than it already does because it is already fully involved. It maintains an orderly universe by laying down and putting into effect the laws by which everything functions. It is not independent from us but works through us, as illustrated by the following story.

What More Could I Have Done?

The river had burst its banks and flooded the town. The family had little choice but to move upstairs. That morning, they heard a voice. They looked out of the bedroom window. A man in a rowing boat was beckoning: ‘Come, quickly, climb in.’

‘Thank you,’ said the parents, ‘but that’s alright. God will save us.’ The boat moved on. The flood waters continued to rise and had almost reached the window when a motor launch appeared. ‘Climb in,’ called the pilot, ‘I’ll take you to safety.’

‘That’s OK,’ said the parents, ‘but we trust in God. He’ll save us.’ The launch left, and the waters continued to rise. The family was climbed onto the roof.

A helicopter appeared. A voice called, ‘we’re letting down a harness, attach it to yourselves and we’ll haul you up.’ ‘No thanks,’ said the parents, ‘If it’s God’s will, He will save us.’ The helicopter flew off; the family drowned.

When they arrived at the gates of heaven, they were greeted by God. ‘We believed in you: why didn’t you save us?’ they asked. ‘I sent a rowing boat, a motor launch, and a helicopter,’ replied God. ‘What more could I have done?’

 We influence Creative Intelligence

The only limits placed on our ability to draw energy from our Source are our lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to learn and then apply what we know. We live in an intelligent universe, and that intelligence flows through us all. Because our minds are part of this intelligence, it influences us continually. But it is not a one-way process; we also influence it continually. We do it through the activity of thinking. Whenever we focus our mental energy on something by giving it our attention, we affect it. We are in a very real sense co-creators, with CI, of our world. The wonderful state of being in which we consciously work with CI to bring our ideas into manifestation is achieved by raising our awareness. This starts with building spiritual ideas into our consciousness. Putting them into practice then ensues naturally, and the desired outcomes result.

 Stay Connected

Some years ago in an experiment, some apples were placed in a barrel. Most were loose, but a few were still attached to the apple tree. A month later most of the loose apples had gone rotten. Those attached were still alive and fresh. They had continued to take in the life force from the tree. As long as we stay connected to our Source, life energy and intelligence flow through us. In reality, we can never be separated from our Source; however, we can think of ourselves as separate, and when we do, we weaken the connection, enfeeble ourselves, and, if we continue, prematurely wither and die.

How good is your connection to your Source? Do you fill your mind with thoughts which lower your energy and weaken your Spiritual Power? How badly do you want to change?

 The same stream of life that runs through the world runs through my veins day and night and dances in rhythmic measure. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth into numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of flowers.

- Rabindranath Tagore




(8) Pearls of Wisdom

Wisdom of the Buddha


Strengthening Your Connection To Your Source

Your link to the Source lies where creative energy flows into your body and into your consciousness – in your mental field or mind. Making the connection requires no special rituals or formality. You connect to the

Source by:

  •  Turning your attention to your higher things – this is entirely within your control, providing you practice;
  • Spending time in silence, stilling your thoughts and bringing them back to the here and now;
  • Seeking spiritual understanding – spiritual understanding grows as you affirm truth and allow it to influence the way you think, speak and behave;
  • Developing and trusting your intuitive powers.

 An Exercise To Awaken Your Spiritual Power

Do this twice a day for four weeks. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax.

Imagine yourself infused with Source energy. What does it feel like? How is your life different? Know that you are one with this originating Source. Now affirm: ‘I am a manifestation of Creative Intelligence. Every moment its life, wisdom, and power flow into and through me. As it works in me, I am strong and at peace.’ Write this affirmation on a card and carry it with you. Speak it often with conviction as you go about your activities.

 Every living being possesses the seeds of enlightenment. Living beings do not need to seek it outside of themselves because all the wisdom and strength of the universe is already present within them.

-The Buddha

 How the universe works

As we have seen, the universe is not run by blind forces. It is regulated by a field of intelligent energy. We have difficulty grasping this concept because the world appears so fickle and our untrained minds, dominated by the five senses, obscure the truth behind the appearance. Consider a waterfall. Water cascades and sends spray everywhere. It appears chaotic, but every drop moves according to laws of motion which can be observed and measured. Similarly, the universe, which appears so turbulent to the casual observer, operates according to laws which are just as timeless and reliable, and work for our good. These laws have always existed, but we have not always been aware of them. For instance, there is no more electricity in the world today than ten thousand years ago, but it could not be harnessed until someone identified the laws by which it functions.

‘Law’ implies a rule which is unchanging, unyielding, and continuous, established and enforced by some power. Whatever is ‘law’ today was the same yesterday and will be forever. Humans are not responsible for carrying out the laws which govern the universe, and we can do nothing to change them in any way. But we can learn about them and apply them. And just as we understand many physical laws, many spiritual laws are already understood, and no doubt others - physical and spiritual - are waiting to be discovered.

Spiritual laws apply to all and can be counted on 100%. When we honor them, we grow in wisdom, love, creativity, personal power and all the other things that characterize Creative Intelligence. When we think positively, we grow in mental strength, and when we act lovingly and show kindness to others, we feel fulfilled.

 All The Troubles of Humanity Have Their Origin in Disregarding Law

When we understand the laws and work with them, we thrive; when we ignore them, we experience a measure of physical or psychological pain. Ignorance is no excuse: they work even if you have no knowledge of them, and if you break them inadvertently, the results are the same. Hopefully the time will come when the spiritual laws are understood and applied by everyone to create a better world. In the meantime, your challenge is to understand and place yourself in harmony with them. There are hundreds of known spiritual laws. The main ones which are discussed in this book are the Laws of:

  •  Cause and Effect
  • Attraction
  • Growth/Expansion
  • Non-resistance
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Reciprocity


(9) Pearls of Wisdom

 How to Use "The Law of Attraction" For A Positive Life!


The Prime Law – The Law of Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect is the Law of Laws. It states that for every result or thing that exists, there is a cause, and every action has an effect. When you throw a pebble into a pond, the ripples spread out from the centre in ever-widening circles. So it is with our actions. Good actions are causes. They create good effects; bad actions create bad effects. The effects spread outwards, affecting other lives to a greater or lesser degree.

Actions are causes, so are words and non-verbal forms of communication such as facial expressions and gestures, and also non-visible things such as attitudes and emotions. However, the chief causes are thoughts, since every action is preceded by a thought.

 We Reap What We Sow

We reap what we sow - but not necessarily where we sow. Every thought, word and action eventually returns to us. When we lay down good causes by thinking good thoughts and acting on them, blessings return to us – love, prosperity, health and kindness, etc. But actions resulting from thoughts of selfishness, greed, ignorance, malice and so on also have consequences. They set up a chain reaction which eventually returns to hurt us.

The Law of Cause and Effect reminds us that we get out of life exactly what we put into it, and when we change the causes, we get different results.

We cannot get something for nothing and if we try, we will eventually be caught out. Knowing this brings order and purpose to the mind and enables us to fulfill our deepest desires.

 Don‛t Judge Each Day by the Harvest You Reap, But by the Seeds You Sow

A woman planted a flower seed in her garden. She carefully weeded and watered the soil until a robust plant grew. But no flower appeared. She thought of digging up the plant, but finally decided: ‘My business is to look after the plant; it is for nature to produce the flower.’ The weeks came and went. She cared for the plant and forgot all about the lack of a flower.

Then one morning, she smelled a delicate fragrance. She followed the scent and – oh joy! There in front of her was a gorgeous flower!

Moral: the aromatic beauty had always been present in the plant, as potential awakened by her labour of love, awaiting the right moment to blossom. Take a leaf out of her book. Lay down the right causes, and the right results will surely follow.

 The human heart has the seeds of love and the seeds of hate in equal measure, but we seem to be watering the seeds of hate more.

Satish Kumar

 The Law of Attraction

The next major law is the Law of Attraction. The universe works on energy and attraction. The mind has a magnetic quality which attracts whatever we hold in our consciousness. Thoughts of good things attract good things: loving thoughts attract love, peaceful thoughts attract peace, and thoughts of success attract success and so on. In the same way, thoughts of fear, illness, and poverty and so on attract after their kind.

It has long been recognized that the quality of our thoughts influences every aspect of our lives. In the Bible, King Solomon says, ‘As a man trinkets in his heart, so is he.’ The Buddha said, ‘All that we are arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts we make our world.’ The Roman scholar Marcus Aurelius wrote, ‘A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.’ William Shakespeare, an outstanding philosopher, wrote, ‘Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ The Laws of Cause and Effect and Attraction teach that success in any area of life comes from deciding the kind of life we want to lead, firming up our intentions and thinking the kind of thoughts that are consistent with what we desire.


Excuses Not to Improve Your Life

The Best Motivation Video 2015 - EXCUSES

Why The “Stop Making Excuses” Slogans Annoy Me (And How To Improve Your Life Instead)


It is unfortunate that so many people in our society accept blaming others and making excuses as valid tools to explain their shortcomings and predicaments in their lives. In fact, people fall in love with their excuses for why they are stuck in their present positions and why they are getting nowhere in life.

Although many people actually believe their own excuses, these individuals don't realize that most excuses serve absolutely no valuable purpose.

Excuses are lies, false statements deliberately presented as being true, meant to deceive others and the excuse-makers themselves.

Excuses are used to cover up such things as laziness, low self-esteem, and the fear of failure.

To be sure, excuses are easy to fabricate.

These are some of the favorites that others use: If I weren't married with children; if I had a higher education; if I had nicer parents; if the economy were better; if I had more breaks in life; if I weren't so far in debt; and if my nose weren't so long.

Perhaps you need some new excuses - besides the ones you already have - to convince yourself that you can't improve your life for the better.

Luckily for you, I can help.

I used to be an expert at making excuses and even earned my Master's in Excuse-Making before I gave up excuses so that I could have a better life.

Here are a few gems that even David Letterman would like:

Top Ten Excuses Not to Improve Your Life

1. I don't believe people can have a really good life unless they are offspring of Edison or Einstein.

2. I once had a nosebleed and I am afraid of getting more if I put more effort into improving my life.

3. George W. Bush would think I was unpatriotic if I gave up my lousy job in corporate America and pursued my dream job.

4. Finding a dream job that I love may be too relaxing - I think I feel more comfortable tense.

5. I am three-times divorced and my conservative estimate is that I have at least twelve kids.

6. I prefer to live in the past because most of my life has been spent there.

7. I have arthritis, and although I know people with much more serious disabilities have been extraordinarily successful in their lives, I don't think they know what it is like to have arthritis.

8. Although my life is boring and sad, I kind of like it - I may actually be addicted to boredom and sadness.

9. My dog died and I need to get another one real fast.

10. I am afraid of becoming a member of a better class of people.

No doubt these should be more than enough.

You may find some of the above excuses handy for explaining all your shortcomings in life particularly when you don't want to take responsibility for having created these shortcomings.

My point is best made by a Jewish proverb: "If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another."

Let’s be honest.

All of us are good at justifying why we haven't been more successful in life.

I have likely done it at least 10,000 times myself and still fall into the trap at one time or another.  

Alas, no one is ever remotely happy with the results attained from excuses; we hurt only ourselves with excuses.

If you create a great excuse why you aren't able to accomplish something important in your life, you will be shipwrecked even before you get aboard.

Fact is virtually all excuse-makers progress at the same speed just like all procrastinators wait at the same speed.

Moreover, there is no time like the present to use an excuse to postpone what is difficult, but important.

But you must not postpone what is important. For instance, if you are no longer inspired by your job, if you are not learning something new and exciting every day, you must escape your job before you become brain dead.

No excuses! Mark Twain once pointed out that "There are 1,000 excuses for every failure but never a good reason."

Excuses are convenient, but as always, there is a dark side to anything convenient.

Individuals who are not able to get rid of excuses find it virtually impossible to succeed in the long term.

On the flip side, people who don't use excuses succeed at a lot more things than they think they can - and end up making a tremendous difference in this world.



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