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 Understand Autism


Autism is a term that refers to a collection of developmental disorders that affect the brain. This brain disorder  affects a person’s ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond appropriately to the external world. People with autism have a tendency to have repetitive behaviors or interests and rigid patterns of thinking.

The severity of autism varies greatly. Some people with autism can function at a relatively high level, with speech and intelligence intact. Others have serious cognitive impairments and language delays; some never speak.


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Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


What is applied behavioral analysis?

Behavioral interventions are those actions, processes, or programs designed to change the behavior of children with autism. The theory underpinning most behavioral interventions can be explained simply as behaviors that are rewarded tend to be repeated more frequently than behaviors that are ignored or punished.


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Sensory Integration Therapy


What is sensory integration therapy?

Sensory integration (SI) therapy is a sensory-motor treatment for children with autism. Dr. A. Jean Ayres developed this therapy based on her understanding of neurologic development and autism.


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Introduction to TEACCH


What is TEACCH?

TEACCH is an acronym for Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-Handicapped Children. It was developed at the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina in the 1970s and was the first comprehensive state-wide community-based program of services for children and adults with autism and other similar developmental disorders.


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Dr. Stanley Greenspan founder of Floortime speaks


I’ve heard of an educational model called Floor Time. What is it?

Floor Time is an educational model developed by child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan. It is sometimes referred to as Developmental Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based Model. DIR/Floor Time utilizes interactive experiences, which are directed by the autistic child, as a therapeutic activity.


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Facilitated Communication and AAC for Individuals with Autism

Kayla's Voice...empowering people with autism.



What is facilitated communication?

Facilitated communication is a technique that purports to allow people with autism who have severe language deficits to express themselves at near-normal and normal levels. It is based on the idea that the person is unable to communicate because of a movement   disorder, not because of a lack of communication skills.


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