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(Contents) High Blood Pressure



1. Introduction 

2. Blood pressure and high blood pressure

2.1About blood pressure in general

2.2 Low blood pressure

2.3 High blood pressure

2.4 Types of high blood pressure

3. Symptoms, causes and diagnosis

3.1 Symptoms

3.2 Causes

3.3 Diagnosis

4. Measuring blood pressure

4.1 Types of BP measuring devices

4.2 Accuracy of readings

4.3 Ambulatory monitoring

4.4 Monitoring at home

5. Non-pharmacological treatment

5.1 Cholesterol levels

5.2 Diet

5.3 Smoking

5.4 Exercise

5.5 Weight loss

6. Treatment with drugs

6.1 Taking your tablets

7. High blood pressure with other problems

7.1 Heart problems

7.2 Diabetes

7.3 Kidney problems

7.4 Raised cholesterol levels

7.5 Problems requiring beta or alpha-blockers

7.6 Blood-thinning drugs

7.7 Racial differences

7.8 Pain and particularly joint pain and arthritis

7.9 Psychological problems

8. Pregnancy, contraception and the menopause

8.1 High BP and planning a pregnancy

8.2 High BP in pregnancy

8.3 Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

8.4 Blood pressure after pregnancy

8.5 Contraception

8.6 Menopause and HRT

9. Living with high blood pressure

9.1 Work

9.2 Travel and holidays

9.3 Sports

9.4 Sex

9.5 Insurance and mortgages

9.6 Your local surgery

9.7 Everyday life

10. Monitoring and follow-up

11. Research and the future


1. Glossary of terms

2. Table with drugs used in the treatment of high blood pressure

3. Table with useful publications and websites



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