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High Blood Pressure



Understand and Prevent High Blood Pressure

(5) High Blood Pressure


Does anybody know what really causes high BP?

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the causes of high BP. For the vast majority of people, over 95%, an underlying cause is not found.


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(6) High Blood Pressure


How do doctors diagnose high BP?

Measuring your BP is by far the most important routine test before a diagnosis can be made. It is very important that you have repeated measurements of your BP over time, so as to make sure that your average reading is estimated accurately. At a minimum, three readings should be taken on four or more separate occasions. For all but very severe cases of high BP, decisions about treatment are much better after 2 weeks or so of twice daily home readings.


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(7) High Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure - Types of devices

The initial starting point when high blood pressure is being assessed is for the doctor or nurse to ensure that an accurate and reliable reading is obtained. BP measurement is an area where technology is changing all the time. With the advent of electronic monitors it is now possible for you to measure your own blood pressure. 


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(8) High Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure - Accuracy of readings

What are the factors that may influence an accurate reading of BP?


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(9) High Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure - Ambulatory monitoring

A friend of mine had a 24-hour BP recording done. What is this and why is it performed?


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