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36. True or false?


1. Describe the three key principles of a healthy diet.

2. Define the terms nutrient density and energy density.

3. Explain what the DRIs are.

4. Discuss the differences between the EAR, AI, RDA, UL, and AMDR.

5. Describe the principles in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

6. Name the five food groups and the typical foods represented in the My Pyramid food guide.

7. Identify the required components of a food label.

8. Determine the nutritional adequacy of a food based on the food label and Nutrition Facts panel.

9. Describe the three types of claims that are regulated by law.

10. Plan a balanced diet using My Pyramid as a guide.

Tools for healthy eating

J., a 21-year-old biology major, has been told by her doctor to watch her sodium intake so as to keep her borderline high blood pressure from becoming full-fledged high blood pressure (hypertension). Although J. takes care to make sodium-conscious food choices at her meals, she also likes to microwave a mug of canned soup in her dorm room at night. Since the soups usually contain lots of meat and vegetables, J. assumes that they’re a healthy choice.  However, if she looked at the labels, she might be surprised to discover that her frequent soup snacks are providing more sodium than her meals. Would it surprise you to learn that J. canned soup habit has her consuming too much sodium?

What tools could she use to monitor the sodium content of her foods, and reduce her overall intake? In this course, we’ll discuss the various guidelines that exist to help you construct a healthy diet, as well as the tools, including food guidance systems and food labels; you can use to make the best food choices. At first, deciphering the information on the food label might seem confusing. But once you’ve cracked the code, you’ll be able to confidently decide which foods to buy and which to leave on the store shelf.



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