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Chapter I

1. Introduction

1.1 Rationale for Guidelines Development

1.2 Objectives of the Guidelines

1.3 Guideline Development Methodology

1.4 Statement of Assumptions

1.5 Intended Users of These Guidelines

2. Overweight and Obesity: Background

2.1 Health and Economic Costs

2.2 Prevalence and Time Trends

2. 3 Demographic Variations in Overweight and Obesity Prevalence

3. Economic Costs of Overweight and Obesity

3.1 Prevention of Overweight and Obesity

3.2 Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity

3.3 Morbidity

4.4 Overweight/Obesity and Morbidity in Minority Populations

4. Obesity and Mortality

4.1 Weight Loss and Mortality

4.2 Environment

4.3 Genetic Influence in the Development of Overweight and Obesity

5. Examination of Randomized Controlled Trial Evidence

5.1 Why Treat Overweight and Obesity?

5.2 Blood Pressure

5.3 Serum/Plasma Lipids and Lipoproteins

5.4 Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Diabetes

6. Decreases in Abdominal Fat with Weight Loss

6.1 What Treatments are Effective?

6.1.1. Dietary Therapy

6.1.2 Physical Activity

4.1.3 Combined Therapy

6.1.4 Behavior Therapy

6.1.5 Pharmacotherapy

6.1.6 Surgery

7. Other Interventions for Overweight and Obesity Treatment

7.1 Treatment Guidelines

7.2 Overview

7.3 Assessment and Classification of Overweight and Obesity

7.3.1 Assessment of Overweight and Obesity

7.3.2 Classification of Overweight and Obesity

8. Assessment of Risk Status

9. Evaluation and Treatment Strategy

10. Exclusion from Weight Loss Therapy

11. Patient Motivation

12. Goals of Weight Loss and Management

12. 1. Weight Loss

12.2. Weight Maintenance at Lower Weight

12.3 Prevention of Further Weight Gain

12.4 Strategies for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

12.5 Dietary Therapy

12.6 Physical Activity

12.7 Behavior Therapy

12.8 Combined Therapy

12.9 Pharmacotherapy

12.10 Surgery

13. Smoking Cessation in the Overweight or Obese Patient

14. Role of Health Professionals in Weight Loss Therapy

15. Summary of Recommendations

16. Future Research

16.1 Intervention Approaches

16.2 Causes and Mechanisms of Overweight and Obesity

16.3 Abdominal Fat, Body Weight and Disease Risk

16.4 Assessment Methods

 Chapter II

1. Glossary of terms

2. References and websites




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