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3. Patient Motivation

When assessing the patient’s motivation to enter weight loss therapy, the following factors should be evaluated:

  • Reasons and motivation for weight reduction;
  • Previous history of successful and unsuccessful weight loss attempts;
  • Family, friends, and work-site support;
  • The patient understands of the causes of obesity and how obesity contributes to several diseases;
  • Attitude toward physical activity;
  • Capacity to engage in physical activity;
  • Time availability for weight loss intervention; and
  • Financial considerations.

In addition to considering these issues, the health care practitioner needs to heighten a patient’s motivation for weight loss and prepare the patient for treatment.

This can be done by enumerating the dangers accompanying persistent obesity and by describing the strategy for clinically assisted weight reduction. Reviewing the patients’ past attempts at weight loss and explaining how the new treatment plan will be different can encourage patients and provide hope for successful weight loss.



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