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10. Repetition is the key

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.

Ralph Charell

Here are two more action steps to help you become more positive and get the results you want.

STEP 1. Every day, read some positive, uplifting literature.

Find 15-30 minutes in the morning to do this - and it’s also a good idea to do some reading right before bed. There are literally thousands of motivational books and articles to choose from. Read whatever speaks to you - it could be the Bible or other spiritual material, or perhaps inspiring biographies. You’ll find a wide selection of success books in the Psychology and Self-Improvement section of any bookstore or library - so check them out.

STEP 2. Every day, listen to motivational cassette tapes.

You can listen to audio tapes in your car while commuting, at home or during your exercise routine. The key is repetition. When you hear these messages over and over they become part of you - and you begin to implement them to improve your life. The tapes will get you thinking about your attitude and other success principles on a daily basis. Of course, cassette tapes are not a substitute for ACTION. It’s up to you to put these ideas to work!

So, if you read something positive and listen to motivational cassette tapes every day, it will make a phenomenal difference in your life. I can tell you from personal experience that these techniques work if you have the discipline to stick with them.

The lesson I’ve learned is this: Change your thinking and you change your life! You will become what you think about.



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