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14. Take responsibility for your own movies

Not all mental pictures can be traced to your childhood. You’re constantly generating mental movies based on your relationships, career experiences and other events. No matter what the source of your mental images, there’s one point that I want to drive home: You - and only you – are in control of your own movies.

Let’s try a short experiment. Think about an ice cream cone filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. Does that create a picture or image for you? I’ll bet it does.

Okay, now think about an elephant. Can you see it? Change the color of the elephant to pink. In a fraction of a second, you formed an image of the pink elephant. Can you bring back the picture of the ice cream cone? Of course you can.

Can you see what I mean? You have control over the pictures that occupy your mind. However, when you don’t consciously decide which pictures to play, your mind will look into the “archives” and keep re-playing old movies on file in your mental library.



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