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(4) Prostate Disorders

What is the anatomy of the prostate gland?

As mentioned previously, the prostate gland is situated at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra.

The prostate tissue is contained within a fibro muscular capsule, much like the skin of an apple that surrounds the pulp. Visually, the prostate is divided into two halves: the right and left lobes. Microscopically, the prostate is subdivided into four areas or zones.

The anterior or front of the prostate is called the anterior fibro muscular stoma. The area of the prostate that immediately surrounds the urethra is called the transition zone. The posterior or back of the prostate is called the peripheral zone. The remainder of the prostate that is anterior to or in front of the peripheral zone is referred to as the central zone.


Anterior fibro muscular stoma - the front of the prostate gland.

Transition zone - the area of the prostate that immediately surrounds the urethra.

Peripheral zone - the posterior or back portion of the prostate.

Central zone - the inner portion of the prostate.




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